Cousin Camp Christmas 2011..part one

He said. .."what are you going to serve for the meals?
I said . .."not sure yet...I have hot dogs and I thought I would do some home made macaroni and cheese.
I have fresh veggies and some fruit"

He said.. ."well...keep it simple".

First thing in the morning before they arrived....
I mixed up some noodle dough and put a chicken in the pot for soup.
Later. . .we played with dough.
They love making noodles and it always amazes me how determined they are to crank that handle.

The took turns and they didn't mind telling me whose turn it was next.
I kept turning the knob to make the dough thinner. ..and thinner.

One thing is for sure...
they will not grow old saying they have never made noodles from scratch!!!

About 30 minutes later...
we had a big pile of noodles drying for our soup later.

I thought it seemed like such a big batch. ..
so I didn't boil them all to begin.

As they began to eat soup...
I ran back to the stove to put the rest of the noodles in.

They all have different noodle eating techniques.

It might not be the neatest meal to eat . ..
but they eat it without a smidge of coaxing.

We kept the table settings simple.
and if they wanted a cup of milk and water .. .
they got both.

I can't say how many times I am glad we invested in two high chairs.
Long after they don't really need them anymore...
they willingly sit in one ...
and at least two of them are then able to not fall off their chairs.

After supper it was stories. . .
Veggie Tales ..
baths and Jammie's...
and without too much coaxing at all. . ..

It was late last night when I got to looking at the photos so I posted one aspect of cousin camp.
I'll get to the rest of them tomorrow.
This is their diary for the next few days.

all for now....


  1. Lovella - you are the BEST grammie! What a wonderful idea to have Cousin Camp - they will forever remember this. Look forward to the rest of the story.

  2. Maybe you could help Helmi's they no longer make the noodles that I have had in my kitchen for years..
    I think I am going to join you for a day of Cousin camp, just so that I can make noodles again...
    Looks like so much fun.

  3. Love the noodles....I just smiled when I saw the huge pile...and then everyone gobbling them up. You know how to keep them well fed and having fun. I'll be back for more peeks into CC.

  4. I wouldn't even think of making noodles at 'camp grammy's'. You are brave! But what fun for be able to cook their own dinner.

    I'm smiling about the high chairs. I have my grands in high chairs over here...long after they have graduated from them at home. We also have two...and they have come in mighty handy over the years.

  5. What happy contentment all around. There must be something in the noodles. (I recently tried making homemade noodles...didn't turn out well. Guess I need the equipment. ☺)

  6. Oh those noodles look fabulous. What a fun time for your grands. Looks like the perfect meal for the end of a fun day...

  7. when I grow up I want to be a grammie just like YOU! such a delightful post. made me laugh....and smile. blessings to you this day!

  8. What a fun grammie. Camp Cousin is such a great idea.

  9. Somehow this was good for my heart ... seeing how similar these moments all are ... except my grands alreadyknow that you can actually buy noodles ready made.
    In the meantime, yours are having so much fun, it almost looks tempting to learn how. Love the pictures!

  10. Won't it be fun in the future to hear them recall how hard it was to crank noodles when they were just kids.

  11. There is nothing as good as home made noodles...except noddles made by eager grand children! They look like they really enjoyed eating them, too!

  12. That looks like a very productive day - I'd like to be a fly on the wall as they tell their parents what they did!

  13. You are investing in their young lives...they will remember these times forever!


  14. I'm amazed at the fact that you are making noodles from scratch with your grandkids! I guess they are actually helping by turning the crank, but are an adventurous Grammy!!


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