cousin camp Christmas 2011 ~ O Come Little Children

After bathing . . .
they do a trial run with the Christmas Jammies.
I say trial run because they were not quite finished yet and this gave me a chance to check hemlines.

they enjoyed some night lunch.

It seems impossible not to try to tease Grandpa!
I wonder why?

Stories were read.
When you have told a story enough . ..
they can tell it themselves and I smiled as Grandgirlie seemed to take the role of storyteller.

This will be the fourth Christmas celebrating with Grands.

I learned from my mom that little children were completely capable of knowing about Jesus and his love to us.

And now I listened and saw that indeed a four year old can tell the most important details about Christmas.

Seeing them reminded me of my own childhood.
Every night during advent the candles were lit . .
 and we would gather around . .
  sing a few carols . .
 and enjoy a few Christmas Candies and oranges before bedtime.

No one took pictures.
I do not really need one.
The family photo is clearly saved where it matters most.

Ihr Kinderlein, kommet, o kommet doch all!
Zur Krippe her kommet in Bethlehems Stall
und seht, was in dieser hochheiligen Nacht
der Vater im Himmel für Freude uns macht!
Oh, come, little children, oh, come, one and all,
To Bethlehem’s stable, in Bethlehem’s stall.
And see with rejoicing this glorious sight,
Our Father in heaven has sent us this night.

Trans­lat­ed from Ger­man to Eng­lish
by Mel­a­nie Schulte (1885–1922)


  1. When my brother and SIL do cousin camp with their grandchildren I thought it was unique to them....but I see it is not. Love the idea. Wish it would have been so when we were young...what fun! Those pj's are ever so cute!

  2. That final photo...oh, Lovella. What a precious one it is. I hope that you frame it. Now why am I crying?

  3. Your little farm hand looks so much like his daddy did at that age...I'm sure you see it too.
    Fun jammies...cousin time...and learning to tell the stories that will never grow old. Love the 'snuggle' photo:)

  4. The best jammmie party!
    And that German version is so deeply imprinted in my heart ... funny how the language you first learned it in, just seems to have more meaning.

  5. That is so adorable....what a beautiful heartfelt story - so touching!

  6. I'm singing that carol etched in my memory from long ago...Ihr Kinderlein Kommet.

    What a great re-cap of your Christmas cousin camp 2011! Love the jammies.

  7. Such sweetness. My parents never taught us German, but one year, my mother taught my sister and I that song, in German. We sang it for my grandparents, and then, in the East Aldergrove MB church during the Christmas service. What memories!

    Grammie camp is something I hope to inaugurate once our little grands grow.

  8. We lived in Germany when I was a little girl, and I learned that song to sing in the local church. Many, many years later, while living in Germany with my own children I had the pleasure of singing it with my son at his Kindergarten - lovely memnories...thank you!

  9. Amen!
    You say it all so sweetly!

  10. Lovely - the pj's and nighties, the children and the beloved German carol. Thanks for sharing Lovella.

  11. I love the intertwined legs and hands - beautiful! Dairymary

  12. It has been my privilege visiting your blog again after a long break. Your pictures warmed my heart as I read about your celebrating Jesus's birth, and the adorable nightgowns you made for your little ones. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, your home, and your family time with the blogging world. It was a pleasure to visit here.


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