The annual tree cutting

Is it too early to go cut down a tree?
We tend to pick our day for that annual event according to the sky outside rather than the calendar.
It's been done.
When the sky was ice blue and the air was chilly crisp .. .
we set out and found our spot and walked the rows with nothing rushing us.

The last few years we have paid $30 for our tree.
It isn't large. .
nor is it purely symmetrical.

It has space to hang ornaments ..
and branches that will hold a few heavier ones.

Once we have picked our tree. .
we find the farmer and he comes with his saw.

He would rather cut down our tree for us than pay the insurance costs that would save his nest egg should we slice off an arm ourselves.

We are okay with that.

It is not even to our already low ceilings . .
and we are okay with that too.
It is adorned with ornaments both new and old.
It has a bit of nostalgic memories from Christmases past.
It is waiting. .
for something to protect under its boughs. .
I love to find the perfect gift. .
and I wish I loved to wrap.

I should wrap. . .
shouldn't I?

all for now. .


  1. It is stunning and perfect for that sweet corner. The winter wonderland you've created atop the armoire is delightful as well.

    Interesting about the farmer cutting down the tree for you. Insurance makes everything difficult. We can no longer slide upon a hill we always slid upon for insurance purposes. Anyway, poor farmer and I certainly hope that he doesn't get bursitis from all the tree cutting the old-fashioned way.

  2. I'm with's a lot more rewarding finding the perfect gift than wrapping it! Your room looks very "Christmasy" Love it!

  3. I am lucky in that my husband likes to wrap...very handy because I do not!

  4. It looks like you chose the perfect find the perfect place in the perfect corner. It looks beautiful...and just right in that spot!

    Is that tree farm near your place? I like the eagle's nest you included in the first two shots.

    Rachel has a husband who loves to wrap? Wow. I only recall one or two gifts that my hubby has ever wrapped! And they looked most 'creative'.

  5. I've always believed that the 'very best tree' is the one that we put up each year. It looks like you found the best tree - it is so pretty tucked into the corner.
    I wrap because it need to be done, but I'm not very creative beyond a matching ribbon.

  6. A very pretty tree. Ours has a ribbon on it with our name - on a tree farm not far from here. We'll go cut it next week. But NOT today - we're experiencing a weather bomb - wild wind and rain.

    My tip for wrapping - a nice old-fashioned movie on your laptop - and maybe a glass of wine. Always makes the job more pleasant for me.

    Haha - just as I went to hit publish - the power went off - it's back on now so I better hurry and send you this comment :)

  7. It's looking so cozy at your place! I always enjoy a Christmas holiday evening in your home:) I'm sure that tree smells so nice.

  8. It looks lovely!!! we have yet to get ours. And I have yet to finalize the gift list...let alone wrap! oh well. We are having fun anyway!

  9. I smiled as I noticed he did not grab that saw out of his hands and chop it down...but then on the other need to think of the risks of farming.
    So I get that you do not like to wrap???
    We are on the same page...this year I,m just delivering...
    Try the wine and movie idea...I will come and help you.

  10. Your tree is beautiful and what a great story. Your home looks so inviting. I need to ask you, is the armoire where you have your TV etc.? I've been trying to convince my Liebchen that we need to change our dated looking "wall unit" that houses the TV. I adore using antique pieces for things like.
    I'm all for doing the wrapping while sipping on a glass of wine and watching a classic movie!

  11. Your tree is beautiful, Lovella, and fits perfectly.

    I am lucky as my huisband loves to wrao gifts! He tells me I waste too much!

  12. I love your tree, It has so much character!

  13. It's lovely, Lovella!

    I agree with Vee too, the top of your armoire is beautiful!

    Sweet, sweet tree!


  14. O may! it's really nice - it's lovely standing there waiting for the gifts - love how you have decorated the room..
    Hugs from Cabo

  15. Ahhh, I've been waiting to see some pics of the bungalow decked out for Christmas! Beautiful!!


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