why it matters

For some...
this post will be a bit of a replay of what you saw me post on facebook so you can be excused.
For me. .
it is part of documenting the journey of our blog to the book and all the delightful and unexpected surprises along the way.
When Wanda  (a self proclaimed fan of MGCC)  posted a link to this page on facebook I did a double take and then clicked on the link.  Sure enough. .it was true..
and it was still there.

I am thinking that the folks at the Canadian online book-and-so-much-more company must be doing a double take themselves. .
scratching their heads. ..
wondering who we are and that we must have thousands of friends that set up this little not so usual ranking.

Yes. .they are right.
We do.

When we get emails from people who give us a list of who they all sent the book too. .
we blush and then smile and then hope the recipient will be pleased.
For first time authors who hoped to sell out our first printing in one year it is all quite overwhelming and though nothing really shocks us anymore we are still always surprised and delighted.

The fourth printing of the book is either ordered or will be shortly.
Orders for our book printings did not begin with the NY best seller list in mind. . .
nor will we ever make that ranking . .
and we are just fine with that.

What matters most to us is that the folks that cared to have our book in their home have found it a worthwhile  purchase.  It matters to us that the recipes that our families brought with them from another land are all together in a hard cover book with shiny pages and photos.

It matters to us that God is in the details of this book.
We wanted to honor him and the testimony that what our grandparents believed was worth the trek to a foreign land that promised a safe haven to worship in peace.
It matters to me that somewhere in that land that they left  about eighty years ago..
there are children in an orphanage who don't have the kind of parents I had ..
willing to give up everything so that their children would  have a better life.

We can all do something right?
God gives us all unique and different ideas of how to care for another human being.
There is nothing so extraordinary in what we have done. .
when you consider that many have given their lives so that people might live in peace.
I think of those men and women today and thank God that because of them. .
I can write this blog. .
talk about the God I love and tell anyone I want that Jesus loves us. .
this I know.

all for now . .


  1. Shoot. No updating today on this post. I had to come find you...

  2. And it's a beautiful post that brought tears to my eyes right quick. Oh wonderful, wonderful. Just what this old Cranky Pants needed to read this morning!

  3. My father came from Prussia when he was 10 years old with his parents and siblings to this wonderful country. Although he rarely spoke about the many hardships they had, he provided a wonderful life for me and for that I am very thankful. I had to smile when I saw this post on Facebook because I had just ordered 2 more of your books from Amazon.ca for my 2 children as shower gifts as they will be married just 14 weeks apart. Thanks for your wonderful posts.

  4. You're giving me a case of happy tears this morning, Lovella! Every time I read about how your book will be helping underprivileged kids, well, I just get goosebumps. Fourth printing? Amazing!

  5. Beautiful! I too get shivers and a lump in my throat watching this story unfold. It was such a tiny idea at first, just posting a few family recipes, such a common kind of post among bloggers and yet...it had such an uncommon result.

    I hope it does make the NYTimes best seller list too!

  6. I have 4 in my gift cupboard for Christmas :)

  7. Quick question:
    When Amazon advertizes the price to be almost $11 less than the regular price, is that money coming out of the donated profits?

  8. I love every bit of this book! You ladies have certainly put your hearts and souls into it. Your stories are captivating and sincere. Your recipies are wonderful! God bless you all!!!

  9. That is so exciting!!!! And the book, and blog, really do glorify God through and through.

    Just catching up after getting back from vacation. Loved that red frost-lined leaf photo! Fall has been amazing this year. Can't get over the bright colors in my yard right now. Also can't believe how much baby O is growing! Wow.

  10. Thank you for once again revisiting our journey Lovella. You have led us well and as you said, God is directing the whole thing and for that we are ever mindful. He uses what we give to Him in the way that best brings glory to His name.


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