weekend color report

We've had some foggy crisp mornings here on the west coast.
Our Autumn Glory that nearly died many years ago and was buried in the very back of the property to drink from the ditch ..
and then came back wild and beautiful. .
is losing it's foliage quickly now.

It won't be long and the sun will be rising in the most northeastern sky than any other time of year.

There is no prettier time of year . .
and on mornings like this .. 
it feels silent and peaceful.

I am thankful for these moments of crisp edged red hued leaves. . .

 magnolia buds that are ready to open . ..
but are keeping their petals close in the chill.

A short distance from the farm. .
my favorite row of trees blaze in the setting sun. . . 

.  ..and yet ..
the tulip tree in the backyard. .
is determined.
I like that.
I'm kind of cheering her on.

Today is a grammie day. . 
what will grammie think up today?


  1. Oh that frost rimmed red leaf...

    (If you posted for shortly after seven, your blog updated beautifully on my blog roll.)

  2. Hi Lovella. I'm a new visitor to your blog although I do follow the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog. Vee, from A Haven for Vee, sent me over to see your photos and I'm so glad she did. They are beautiful! I'm your newest follower too. I hope you have a beautifully blessed day. Pamela in New Brunswick.

  3. This was the best post for me while sipping on my coffee. A taste of home......your pictures gave me a sense of peace.....beauty all round! Have a wonderful day.....maybe some leaf crunching will take place soon.

  4. Beautiful color Lovella. I really like that sunrise shot. Have fun today with the grands!

  5. Lovely, especially the tree that has gone wild in the ditch!


  6. That Tulip tree will let go one of these days and you'll be able to rake the biggest pile and then just rruuun!

  7. I,ve enjoyed rustling through your pages and finding the most delightful colors. What a wonderful season, no matter where one is, when we live in God,s creation.


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