Okay ..
If you live south of the border. .
I am really hoping this tin of turkey is not part of your menu.

The other day the Mennonite Girls and I were chatting about this long forgotten item that was always on our pantry shelf while I was growing up.

I can't remember what the photo looked like back in the day. .
but the large all capital letters look very familiar.
Indeed it is a Classic.

On occasion my mom would fry it up in a pan.
Sometimes it would be mixed with ground ham for party sandwiches.
Just thinking about it makes me want one.

I do recall it being a regular part of a school lunch.

But it sure never came ready sliced.
I told them I keep a tin of it in the trailer for end of camping days when the refrigerator is bare.

Once a year. . .
just for old times sake. . .
and still much more preferable than the spam that shows up in my emails.

Happy Thanksgiving to our neighbors down south!

all for now..


  1. Aww yes, back in the day when SPAM meant sandwich meat and not junk mail! Thanks for the memories.

  2. Great memories! And that's where I'm keeping it:)

  3. Oh...I can taste it now.....Klick and pickle sandwiches. They were one of my favourite school lunches. I think Klick and SPAM are the same??? I'm not sure what Scot would say if I served SPAM. I should serve him a mystery meal:)

  4. SPAM always tasted so good when I was a child...I wonder if my memories are dependable? Perhaps I should buy a can and find out!

  5. Grated up together with dill pickles on "open faced" buns. Yup, fond memories of growing up & it was also served to us at bible school as late night snacks. Rick does not remember it quite as fondly as I do. :)

  6. We had Spam but also something called Prem...and my mom diced celery and prem with a bit of mayo and spread it on day old buns and toasted them..Yummy!

  7. I don't know if it was spam, but I do remember something my mom got out of a can that looked like mushed up ham pressed solid.
    I think she used to chop it up, mix it with finley chopped tomatoes and onions and mayo... for a sandwhich spread.

  8. Ahhhhh Klick, Spam, Prem - some generous soul donated truck loads of tins of this luncheon meat to the summer camps I attended in my teens! We had it served up for breaky, lunch, dinner in a variety of creative recipes!! Don't think I've had any since!

  9. Got it...junk meat not junk mail! What a fun reminder from the 'good old days'.


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