monkey business

Sometimes the grands arrive so early in the morning ..
we are all still in our jammies.
I have a fairly good supply of farm clothes available and also some jammies.
Some days. .
it just makes sense to change them into farm jammies.

At this point ..
they are most cooperative of what I tug over their heads.
On this particular day I asked her .. 
"do you want to wear Monkey Business jammies to play with the monkeys?"
She did.

Do you ever wish that someone would lay your clothes out for you. . .
something comfy. .fitting for your chore of the day?

I wouldn't mind if someone did my hair while they were at it.

I cleaned out closets for the second day in a row.
I'm tuckered out and not yet done.
I'm posting about wishing someone would pick out my clothes. .
and do my hair. . .
I think I'll take a mid week break ..
and do something good for the soul.

all for now. . 


  1. Playmobil!! We still have a bucket of it and it's a favourite with all our little visitors.

    Hope you have soul-restful day!

  2. Wouldn't that be nice. I kinda do that for myself by getting my clothes ready for work the day before then in the morning there is nothing to think about.
    Not quite as nice as someone else doing it but it will have to do.

  3. Oh look at those sweet French braids! Yes, I'd love to have someone else do about anything for me choosing the best haircut and the best clothing and the best attitude would be nice.

    Those closets are going to be so organized. You'll be ready for the coming Christmas season and be able to focus on just what you'd like.

  4. First we have our clothes picked out for us...then we do our own picking...and then we wish someone would do it for us again! Funny how that works.

    Have a fun day...whatever it may involve.

  5. Lucky Michael gets his clothes picked out for him everyday. :) Unless I forget.....

  6. Sweet! Enjoy your break! I'm sure you can do something about getting your hair done... but who could possibly lay out your clothes for you? That could be risky.

  7. I just wish I had your g'daughter hair. I love a braid!

  8. Very sweet. Love those braids...

  9. I think you need to have a day to pamper have indeed pampered those little ones...and it stands to reason why you get tuckered out.
    I love the idea of someone doing my hair anytime.

  10. awww... yes... to be waited on hand and foot! ohhh to be a child again ! smile. Too bad it can't be appreciated for what it is worth until we have outgrown the opportunity!
    Yes... like Judy said !

  11. you sound like an awesome grammie


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