making room

On Friday night ..
we had Terrence's birthday party in the shop.

We used to have his party in our house. .
but then they all got married
and they. .
and their siblings all had children .  .
and the house shrank something terrible.
No one seemed to mind. ..
and the children played with the few toys we brought to the shop.

I picked our apples in the morning and gave them a good coating of caramel and crushed skor bars.

Little OH. . .smiled at us. .
and we smiled right back.

Now that we know where everyone sits. . 
I think  ..
we might make it an annual event.

all for now .. 


  1. It works! Funny thing about homes...we think we don't need as much room when the children move one, but then miracles start happening and we learn that we need more room, at least for a while. Hope that your son has a happy birthday week!

    (Would you believe that this is the first time your blog updated properly in my corner for about two weeks? I am so glad!)

  2. Oh wow, Terrence looks so much like you, Lovella! And Little Oh...oh my!! He is adorable!

  3. Your (his) shop is the perfect venue for all your parties. I think you must be washing the house too has shrank:) Loved seeing little Oh.....he is a cutie pie!
    Happy Birthday to you oldest....where have the years gone?

  4. That's one great crowd! Those apples look amazing. Love the sweet smile little Oh gave grampa

  5. That shop sure is handy!! You could fit a few more in there :) Happy bday to your boy! The apples look delicious.

    Little O is adorable - what a dear little face!

  6. With homemade candy apples, a little one's precious smile, and a handsome guy's birthday celebrate...who cares where the party is held? The shop or our works for big groups like we are finding ourselves having. Your shop looks like the perfect place.

  7. I love family gatherings! Whether it's in a machine shop, a garage, or packed like sardines into my mom's's just so good to get together! May you enjoy even more family additions over the years to come!


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