Hazelnut Roll on Global BC TV

Do we look very nervous?
I don't think we really were but after the segment was over ..
a lot of sighing was heard over lunch. .
so I guess an appropriate amount of tension is maybe good before going on TV.

Our host Lynn Colliar was so gracious and friendly and we just explained to her how it was done and before we knew it. .
we were done.

It is the best thing to be able to do this with our husbands support.
To have our "stuff" carried for us and not have to worry about driving and parking and doors....
can not be over rated at all.

We arrived at the studio at 12:00 noon for our 12:35 segment and we went right to work organizing our work space.

The producer came and put our microphones on.

The kitchen that looks so complete on air is little more than a counter top with cold running water and a cook top.

We learned from our Waterloo cooking segment that we can not bring too much of our own kitchen along. 

Did I mention that it is very helpful to have support along?
They stood on the sidelines and took photos .. .
and chatted with the stage crew.

Anneliese waited for the very last minute before the camera was on us before hiding away from the microphones to beat her egg whites.
Her H got a perfect picture of her doing that. .
so if I guess right. . 
it will be posted on her blog today.

Lynn the anchor for the noon news came over during the commercial and was so relaxed .  . .
it made us relaxed and then without us asking . .

she came over and posed for those camera men ..
that we brought along.
She asked me about my family . .
I told her about my boys being all grown up and married . . 
and about my five grands who are four years old and under.
She was properly happy for me.

Then the segment began and the time clock began to count down and we made the fastest ever Hazelnut roll ever.

Anneliese managed to somehow keep herself neat and tidy while she beat and folded and spread out the batter.

Then I unrolled and spread and rolled up . ..

and decorated and sprinkled on the crushed hazelnuts.

I laughed later when Anneliese told me she handed me a damp cloth so that I could wipe my hands off. .
and just like a good homemaker .
I started to wipe the counter.

At the end of the segment ..
we sliced and set out plates and cutlery and napkins.  .
took our dirty dishes and packed them up to wash up at home . .

 ...and we fed the most important camera men we know ..
and went and celebrated over some lunch.

We sure do appreciate that Global BC TV invited us to come do a cooking segment.
To have that kind of exposure is so wonderful.
At the end of the day .. 
we had over 3000 extra visitors on our Saturday post.

Imagine that!

Now. .if all goes according to plan . .
the video clip of the segment will be able to be viewed here tomorrow.

all for now . .


  1. Your camera men did an excellent job! And so did you girls by the looks of the photos. Congratulations on the tv exposure. What an interesting experience for you. Have a great week! Blessings, Pamela

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful experience!! I can hardly wait to see the video.

    And weren't your guys great!! I love when my beloved comes to town with me and carries the library books, the groceries and finds parking. But he's yet to take pictures for the blog - I'll have to work on that :)

  3. Thanks, Lovella. I quickly added a photo to my post and there... you covered it all! It was so much fun to do this with you! You are a true friend, like a sister!

  4. awesome!!! I missed it, but hope to check out global's website for the link :)

  5. What fun! You gals did a great job as did your cameramen. I'll be looking forward to the video...if all goes well.

  6. can't WAIT to see the video! how fun. i would love to be in your audience one day to cheer LOUDLY! you make us all so proud! :)

  7. Watching for a spike in hazelnut purchases...
    You are getting to be such an old pro on tv!

  8. Looks like you enjoyed yourselves while I raked the leaves. I've never seen my hazelnut roll created so quickly.
    Interesting what we can do in 5 minutes. What a wonderful way to continue promoting the book.
    You both contributed a wonderful segment to the show!

  9. You two are having way too much fun!!!! I'm so happy for you! That is such a great opportunity! And how wonderful that more people are finding the blog!! I wish I could get hazelnuts. I've looked and looked in the stores....they were easy to get in SCotland. They would be a nice thing for gluten free. One day I will come across them.

  10. How wonderful! Can't wait to see the video.

  11. You girls did so great and looks like you enjoyed your time together. You both looked really happy...and so did Lynn.

  12. Congrats on your TV experience. You gals are the greatest. You look so relaxed and composed! I'd be a nervous wreck.
    I hope this brings in more sells!
    The hazelnut roll looks yummy too!

  13. It really did look like you were having fun! You did a fabulous job.

  14. Wow - what a lot of experiences you are having this year! I wish I'd seen the segment, but look forward to seeing clip when it's available.

  15. Proud of our girls! Well done Lovella and Anneliese!

  16. you were greatr -- you made it look so easy cooking in front of the camera and Yummy HAZELNUT ROLL! I'll be trying it out..


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