Grandgirlie turns four

The most important thing that happened over the weekend was Grandgirlie's fourth birthday.

Four year olds are the best.
Either my sense of humor is improving or kids are funnier than they used to be.
She ....makes me laugh and that is a gift to be sure.

We celebrated a bit earlier in the week and she was okay with that.
She helped me decorate the table earlier in the day and was fascinated by the fact that we did not use the whole table cloth but rather folded the center in to display her favorite part.
I wonder if she will think this is the way to use them now.

Her cousins were most interested in the gift opening process.
I observed that they have learned in their young life that there is etiquette in watching others open gifts.
That made me smile too.

Those of you who started reading my blog when I first announced that I would be a Grammie must also think that time has flown.
That beautiful baby girl that I fell in love with from the first moment I held her. .
is already a lovely little girl full of energy . .hugs and enthusiasm.

Since she has a good sense of humor herself...
I spent a good amount of time searching for just the right card.

When I found it . . ..
I kept laughing in the store. ..
knowing that the kitties meowing happy birthday to her. ..
would crack her up.

It did ..
and the card was passed around and around and I heard them laughing down the hallway.

So encouraged by my good card buying...
I'm excited for Friday ..
when the lil' farm hand opens up his card.

I am so proud to have five baby grands four years old and under.  . .
and I tell anyone who cares to listen!

all for now. .


  1. Your last sentence was the best! I was so happy for you when I found out you were becoming a Grammie and in one way it is hard to believe it's been four years ... on the other hand.. so much has happened, that I do believe it! Looks like a good time was had, celebrating not only a birthday, but you becoming grandparents.

  2. If a Grammie can't be proud of her grandchildren, what's the world coming to? I love the sweet expression on the little towhead who is so polite and wears such stylish clothes. She was clearly delighted with the card...hope that her birthday is soon!

    It's all about Toy Story this year around here, too. I'm so going to miss Thomas. (Guess he is still okay by times.)

  3. How cute!! I am Grammy to 5...They don't live near and when I do have a chance to see them I feel great...Love our grands...2 girls and 3 boys...16 to 4 months....I am a proud Grammy and will also tell everyone about them...
    The party looked like it was a smash...
    Love from NC

  4. And I love hearing about them. I can hardly wait to get the topic going on my own blog!!

    Happy Birthday to your wee girlie!

  5. Wonderful story. Pure preciousness!

  6. Loved the story and your photos..took me back a number of years. Grammies have the right to talk/brag about their grands..enjoy them, each stage of their lives are precious.

  7. How these four years have flown by! It seems like yesterday that you were welcoming your 'toy-story -loving' grandgirlie with the good sense of humour. Blogdom is open season for bragging about the grandchildren. It makes for good reading!

    Happy Birthday to your two oldest grands!

  8. Oh go ahead - we all love it!....and you listen to us!

  9. What a wonderful venue for sharing with family and friend the things that Matter Most.
    I loved that card...just way to cute..and enjoy those wonderful Disney moments, they are so special to those little ones.

  10. What a wonderful blessing indeed, Lovella. It's fun to watch you enjoy them!

  11. Happy Birthday to Grandgirlie!!! Yes, I started reading your blog just before she was born and so I do feel as if time has flown!!! What a delight to have five little ones around you!!! I guess I have five little ones around me too...and December is upon us and all the fun of Chrsitmas!!! Have fun with the rest of the birthday celebrations!

  12. How special that you were able to host this little girls birthday. I know how much you love and adore her. Happy birthday to her. What a beautiful family you have. I still remember us sitting on my couch and I gave you a little box with a sweater set your mom knit for seemed like the perfect keep sake to hand on to you. The years pass so quickly.

  13. Having a granddaughter who turned four years old in June, I could totally relate to this post. Oh the joys and blessings these little ones bring. I count it a privilege that you share their celebrations with us in blogland. Happy Birthday to your little grand girlie!


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