getting ready to go to the beach

Yesterday we spent the better part of the morning getting ready to go to the beach.
It wasn't my idea to go there...
but when the suggestion was put on the table. .
I could smell the ocean and feel the sand between my toes. .
and told her as much.

I said. ."really?  you want to do hairdo's for going to the beach?"
She said .. ."Grammie.  . ..her needs  (smile). .to dry her hair."
I said. ."won't it get wet at the beach?"
She said with a sigh .."yes".

I noted that socks and sandals were going to be worn to the beach.
I thought that was not cool. .
but she assured me it was fine. .

While I was dressing my girl. .
she pulled the pajama bottoms out of the drawer and passed them over to me.
I questioned this fashion trend that seems so popular but so odd to me.
She just looked at me. . .
so I put the pajama bottoms on. .
to keep peace...
knowing that a day at the beach with Grandgirlie and our girls...
 even if it is just pretend. .
is pretty special.

all for now ..


  1. What beautiful dolls and so many clothes! Choices are always good.

    (Yes, I question the trend as well, but *gasp* have been known to try it once. Dressed in a full-length black wool winter coat and Uggs and during a blizzard. I'm hoping that no one noticed.)

    As you can see, everything is updating tickety-boo.

  2. She is so imaginative! Brought back memories of getting my own dolls ready to go to the beach. Imaginary trips are a whole lot messy, I can promise you that. Doll eyes don't close so good once sand is contacted.

  3. Yes grammie, "her needs to dry her hair" Love it! Hope you remembered the sun block!!

  4. Such fun times --- playing with dolly's = pure contentment and companionable hours of tranquility. Do you remember your favorite dolls? Do you still have any of them?

  5. Love to play dolls- I can foresee that when the little grandgirlies start coming my way!

  6. Oh what fun...a day at the beach with all the girls! Love that portable wardrobe too.

  7. I love how they say "her" for she and him for "he" .. I actualy miss it when they learn the correct way.
    Sounds like you had a very lovely day.


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