color report

Yesterday afternoon the sun came out and I thought I should put a little effort into reporting how the tree in the back yard is coming along.

There you have it!

Upon closer inspection ..
I conceded that it is definitely turning.

Right behind the tulip tree is the magnolia tree. . .
green and blooming.
Enough said.

Behind that ..
is the oak tree which is really quite pretty.
If we get some nice dry weather and the wind blows. .
and you don't hear from me. .
I'm under that tree.  .
loving it!!

Front yard variegated tulip tree ..
is far more serious about the season. .and it getting rather thin.

Across the street looking at the hill behind the raspberries ..
my favorite view especially against a stormy sky!

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. I'm amazed at the difference between your tulip tree and ours; our is majority yellow and many of the leaves were blown off 2 days ago; looks very different!

  2. Our oaks are still glorious here. Maples are pretty thin and the birches are bare. And we don't have tulip trees - at least I don't think so. I'll have to look it up.

    Happy weekend Lovella!

  3. This time of year looks so different in Ottawa where I'm working this week. The trees are pretty empty of leaves now and the air is very cold - cold enough to snow.....but I hope it doesn't!

  4. I want to wish you the wind, Lovella, but I'm not so eager to have all the leaves blown off. Love this season!

  5. Love that red oak tree! And the raspberry patch is looking neat and tidy for winter. Enjoy the season!

  6. Things are looking up! (Speaking of which, I had to come looking for you. Danged lists aren't updating again. I'm getting a little speedier realizing that something is out of order thankfully.)

  7. Fabulous view. The maple that drops all the leaves on our yard but is in my neighbor's yard still has plenty of green leaves. The ones that have dropped are yellow...

  8. So much green, and a magnolia? Really?! It's November! Really? We were at -3 last night...really.

  9. Congratulations on publishing the most purchased cookbook in Canada! Yeah! There are many Canadians eating really well right now!!! And. . .I love the grandies in their cute little overalls. I had to smile that Grandma had them sorting by color, when in all actuality it isn't crucial for the task. :D Your autumn is beautiful and so pleasant looking. I have enjoyed autumn very much this year. We just returned from a trip to the cabin. Our task was to winterize it, but we discovered snow and water pipes and a pump that are all frozen and cracked. How did winter sneak up on us so quickly? Happy Autumn, Lovella!

  10. I can't believe your magnolia tree is blooming! It has also been an unusually warm autumn here in NY Even though we had a snow storm a few weekends ago the weather became quite mild afterward.


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