closet cleaning

It really struck me yesterday that I really am not totally honest about my surroundings.
When I took the pictures yesterday I avoided all the less the beautiful things that surrounded many of those scenes.

Yesterday should have been an outdoor day.
It was dry but the wind was brisk and that was enough to have me enjoying it from the inside.
I opened the windows so I could hear the wind in the trees.
I looked outside and did take a quick break from my task to take a few photos...
and then it was back inside.

I'm a "shover" at heart.
I always wonder if I had plenty of storage space if I might be a "putter awayer" instead of a shover but I won't know anytime soon.
I take something out. ..
and then put it back where space allows and more often than not..
it becomes quite a problem.

You are seeing my office closet.
It holds office supplies. .
small appliances . .
baking pans .. 
roasters. . 
photo equipment ...
heavy pots . .
cables for things which I have no idea. .
start up CD's for every electronic item I've ever had...
empty boxes for small electronics in case they die before their warranty expires .. 
and a variety of other things.

By the time I took everything out. .
I wanted to walk away.
The task seemed so overwhelming.
I had no option other than to have a box for the thrift shop. .
and a box for the garbage. .
and a box for the attic.
(which we try very hard to avoid)

The hallway became the sorting center.

When it was all finished. .
I was able to put a few things in the closet that had been sitting outside the closet hoping for a spot.

It's still not great ..
but for awhile. .
I'll know where everything is and that is good enough for me.

Today I will get my roots done. .
and maybe tackle the closet at the back of the house. .

all for now. . 


  1. 'Tis a brave woman who shows the inside of her closets! I, um, have a serious storage problem in this small house, too, and my closets and cabinets would make those people on HGTV cringe and flee.

  2. What a chore!!! My sister just moved out to her own place so we've been moving Andrew into her room and taking over her closet with the overflow from ours plus totally re-doing ours. A BIG job!!! Taking out is always easier than putting back!!!

    It looks like we have the very same rice cooker, spice holder, and green dutch oven. :)

  3. The title of this post was enough to strike a note of fear in my heart. I had to smile at your characterisation of yourself as a 'shover' because I am one too. There is lots of closet and cupboard space at Pondside but I still shove things in and once a year have to resort to the sort of drastic measures you've documented!

  4. One of the biggest challenges in homemaking is the old "A place for everything and everything in its place." I have similar troubles. My fond hope is to have shelving that is not as deep as that which I currently have, but that requires more of it and there's no room! Hmmm, now you have me curious about the attic...

  5. Tackled those roots yesterday right after my touchdown...but my closets will remain like yours for a bit...shove and pull and versteck!
    Looks great...and then the decision becomes..."I never use this anymore." Now what should I do with it and you cart it away..and then you go back to the thrift store to rescue it.

  6. Sure looks great to me! Well done.

  7. Tackling closets always falls to the bottom of my priority list...and I'm a shover as well. I always admired my MIL's totally tidy and organized drawers and closets...but mine don't usually look that way.

    Good job...on getting your 'office' closet organized.

  8. So that is what I'm missing! An office closet! That's one advantage to having a bedroom turned into an office. Really do have to smile at your creativity in where to store all those pots and appliances. Your closets look great! Before and after. I'd say you can probably leave that back closet alone... but I'm sure it is a good feeling to know what's where again.

  9. Ah, Lovella...the closets! We do not have nearly enough storage...I watched an episode of Hoarders last night at my mothers, and that made me feel better about my mild clutter....


  10. You know what? I thought you were one of the most organized people I met in blogland. In fact, when I being the shover that I am, would practice my shoving at times in my kitchen, I would think to myself, that I wish my closets would look like I imagined yours to look:) Seriously, that was my thinking a few times in the last few months. I appreciate your honesty and your transparency. It makes me quite happy. Now, how does that make you feel? Great post!

  11. I love watching someone else organize a closet ! smile.. the after so easily follows the before !
    Good Job well done !!!


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