cabbage arrangement

maybe saying it is a cabbage arrangement is a little inaccurate.
Remember when ornamental Kale was an outdoor fall to winter garden decoration?
I saw them the other day when I was looking for fresh flowers for a dinner party.
I thought they were simple enough to arrange. .
and they matched my china. .
so they came home and are still looking just like the day I brought them home.

I'm home today.
There will be no random odd posts from odd places.
It was quite fun to shop in Canada and have their version of Black Friday sales on a rainy Thursday afternoon.

all for now. ..


  1. Very cool Lovella. Maybe I'll have to hire you to help me one day:)

  2. I think they make a perfect arrangement for a dinner party. Is it OK if I borrow the idea?

  3. I may just borrow that idea too.
    Enjoy your day at home today. Hope you shopping venture was successful.

  4. Pretty bouquet! I noticed a lot of stores in Fredericton advertising for Black Friday sales this week. I guess they're trying to keep the shoppers at home instead of in Maine!

  5. I love that arrangement! Thanks for the great idea....I'll be looking for those cute little cabbages too. Glad you had such a nice shopping day...even if it did rain. Today the sun is amazing!

  6. There will be cabbages decorating tables across the country!

  7. Pretty arrangement and I love your header too.

  8. Uniquely creative and will be perfect for your color combinations. Great choice!


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