How to make a Hazelnut Roll

Thank you to Global TV BC for the clip.

Saturday Anneliese and I did a cooking segment on the Noon News.
It was a lot of fun!


  1. Wow Lovella and Anneliese!! That was great - you seemed so calm - good for you! I was at one of those farmer's markets on Sat. so I just watched the clip now. We are going to make this for our Christmas family gathering - the famous 'rog loll' (did I hear that right?!) Flo

  2. You two were wonderful! Congratulations!

    I believe that dessert will be on used this Christmas - we are big hazelnut and chocolate fans...


  3. Wow, you girls did great! Lovella, it looks like you are feeling more comfortable with each t.v. appearance. You both seem so at ease. It is so exciting that I know you and you are getting famous.
    I just watched the clip now too and Flo, I think I heard the "rog Loll" too. Too funny.
    Blessings to all of you for the work involved in MGCC and the impact you are having by donating all the proceeds to the orphanage. Such a worthy cause inspired by God.
    Shirley G.

  4. Loved watching the video clip. You two could have your own show. I've got a hankering for hazelnut roll, too. Hmmmm...

  5. You girls were so poised - way to go! I caught that rog loll too - rewound just to make sure I was hearing it right. :)

    I made this dessert for my son's and dil wedding rehearsal party. It was a hit!

  6. John now wants to know if I will make him a Christmas log. He watched quite a bit of this with me and he admired the way you used the tools of your trade so handily. He said, "You can always tell when someone knows what she's doing. They have a knack and it's very obvious."


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