Don't you just love a good idea?
I do. .
and when I heard the story about Tom shoes I was on the bandwagon quick.

Tom Shoes gives a needy child a pair of shoes for every pair of shoes they sell.
Check here for their story.

I plan to order more shoes online but it seemed like it would be a good idea to locate a retailer and try some on for size.
I called up Grandgirlie. .and she answered the phone. ..recognized my voice and said. .
"oh hi grammie". . .and I said. ."are you busy?  do you want to go shopping with grammie?" 
 (I know I should have said. ."shopping with me")
She said. . ."okay" and hung up.

I picked her up and we travelled to the nearest retailer and not surprisingly. . she picked pink shoes.
( I wondered then aloud if she had any long sleeved pink T shirts for fall. ..and when she didn't think so. .
we shopped for those next.)

Since the other grands were not along on our shopping trip.. .
we called to check on shoe sizes and proceeded to select shoes.
Since their sizes were picked over. .
we only brought home one extra child's size ...
but. .

I thought it would be only sensible for me to select a pair as well so that when my girls and I have an online shoe shopping party. .
we have a good idea how to judge adult sizes. .
according to mine.

And so we brought home three shoe boxes. ..

and though they look a little like a slipper. . .

I love my pair.

And if you didn't think you needed any new shoes for fall. .
you might have by now. .
changed your mind.

all for now. .


  1. My girlfriend Jody had the black sparkly ones on when we met for happy hour last week. The pink sparkly ones are great! My nephews have supported Tom's cause for a few years now. My nephew Joe went shoeless for a year to bring awarness to all the people who don't have shoes around the world.

  2. I've heard about this project - what a wonderful idea and cute shoes too!

  3. I found out about these last winter when Ben asked for a pair for Christmas. Was a bit surprised he'd want slippers like that.. but I know he loves the idea and was motivated by that. The ordering service was great. I could not believe how quick they came in the mail. They must have a local distributer ... I think it may have been Kamloops.
    Those pink shoes are so cute.

  4. My kids all have Tom's thanks to their cousin who sent them gift cards for birthdays!

    It is a great idea!


  5. off to order a pair...i have been wanting a new pair of shoes for Fall...and i just found them !!!!

    thanks for sharing


  6. I think they'd make great house shoes for winter time - the pink ones are sweet!

  7. Thanks for sharing your 'new to me' great idea. I must check out Tom's!

  8. I'm behind the times....first time I have heard of Toms....what a wonderful way to teach children about those who are in need. They look like a comfy short of shoe.....I'll check them out. The pink are perfect for your sweet little grandgirlie.


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