a smile in the mail

A while back ..
I got an email from a bloggy friend with this photo attached.
She could't resist sending it.

I thought that was very sweet!

Have you ever googled your name?
It is interesting what comes up.
I should have started a beauty salon ..
since there seems to be a few with a name like mine.
If I had my own hair salon. ..
I wouldn't have to walk to and fro for several weeks before having my roots tweaked.

al for now ..


  1. You are the only "Lovella" I know, but how cool is that to see your name on such a sign?! My name is so common that there were three of us in my class and scads more in the classes above and behind me.

    Your header is scrumptious...so perfectly autumn!

  2. I've never met another Lovella - you're one of a kind!
    I googled my name and found a Titanic survivor and a company that makes pearl jewelry. I wonder if they'd send me a sample?

  3. How fun is that! I only know one Lovella too....it's you!

  4. You were the second Lovella I knew of...and now we know there are more.
    I just learned that there are several Lovellas that own hair salons...even one in NYC. Did you check it out while you were there?

  5. This was a fun thing to send to you Lovella. Speaking of roots...OYE! I scheduled my hair day too far out from my grey days....

  6. I know I would find a lot of Kathie, Kathy or Cathy - it's a popular name. I only knew one other Lovella - I met her at L'Abri in Switzerland many years ago. She was from the States.

  7. One of my Mom's best school time friends was named Lovella! She was of Ukrainian descent. The classmates called her "Lovie" for short. My Mom mentioned her often to me as I was growing up as Lovie was always a better student than my Mom, and my Mom told me how hard she had to study to keep up with her! :)

  8. how fun to see it posted! when we were in ireland several years ago i kept coming across my name which made me wonder - am i irish? a conversation with my mom a few days later confirmed the irish blood several generations back. i had never known that. no wonder i loved ireland so much!

  9. That's great!!! It's always fun to see where names turn up. My neighbor's name turned up on the flower boxes at my mom's work -- very random.

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