pie by the yard and shoe delivery

Some days are just plain wonderful.
I had started out so tired. .
just a little out of sorts. .
do you get those too?

My mom by love called in the afternoon to say she had baked us up some fresh Italian Plum Perishky and wondered if I wanted to come get them or if she should drop them off.

I had cabbage rolls in the oven so she delivered them and stayed for supper with us.

Doesn't this just make you want to make some?
Recipe is here.
They really are my favorite late summer treat.

She was fresh back from Calgary where she had visited her sister.
Both sisters have been dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis for many years and both are always on the hunt for shoes that don't hurt.
Often.  .
shoes feel fine in the store but then within a few hours of wearing them they become unbearable.

Mom wears tiny shoes .  .
but Auntie Hilda and I share the same "natural" size.

Mom claimed her "new to me" shoes for me to try.  ..
and boy ..
do I love them.

The thing that is so cool. .
I've wished for a pair. .
and mine..
even have a tiny bit of blue trim to match.

Unexpected blessings are the best.

all for now . .


  1. Cute shoes, yummy treats, a sweet mother in love...what more could a gal ask for?


  2. Pies look delicious! Wish i had some with my coffee this morning :)

  3. Your mother-in-law is so sweet to have made such a wonderful dessert and how terrific that you were all able to enjoy a meal together.

    I'm sorry for her RA and her sister's too. It's a bugger sometimes.

    Darling shoes! You must be the happy recipient whenever the shoes just don't work out. So true that shoes can seem fine in the store and prove to be a nightmare in short order. Those look very comfortable on you.

  4. A thoughtful and sweet mother by love..new shoes, pie by the yard = sweet blessings for you Lovella!

  5. Now tell me.....what girls would not love that?
    How nice!

  6. Pies, shoes(LOVE the red ones), and wonderful mom-in-love are great....
    I can almost smell those pies here in NC...Will have to try the recipe..
    Love from NC,

  7. i was not surprised to see the european brand names on your most comfortable shoes! euro shoes are amazing. i have a few pairs myself.......:) how fun!!

  8. New Shoes and delicious dessert...what could be better??
    I've always wanted to try making "pie by the yard". Do you think it would work using whole long stalks of rhubarb? That would be such fun, especially for our church's rhubarb festival! Guess I'll have to try it and see if it works! Have a wonderful day!

  9. It looks like that day turned out just fine...with terrific shoes, plum pie and a MIL who came to bring cheer! At times the most unexpected pleasures come our way.

    Love the shoes...and am thinking of making pie-by-the-yard...soon.

  10. This is all eye candy here. Fabulous food and shoes!

  11. Oh where did you get them?? I'm on the hunt for new shoes!

    What a sweetheart your mother-in-law is - I aspire to be one just like that :)

  12. Love the shoes, I'm always on the hunt for comfy cute shoes.
    The pie by the yard is so yummy, I think I will have to call my mom and ask her to make us some.
    It was nice to see you at the TTV booth on Friday.

  13. On a day that starts out only so-so it's great to have a wrap up that includes pie, new shoes and your sweet mother-in-love.

  14. What a special day! The Perishky delivered to your door with love ... look perfect! oh.. so yummy ...And new shoes to boot! Isn't it nice to be thought of?

  15. What beautiful plum treats!

    I have a hard time with shoes lately as I developed arthritis a "hammer toe" on one foot, plus I need orthotics as I have heels spurs form so many years on my feet as a nurse. I have to look for soft tops and deep sides. It is not easy to find pretty shoes :(

  16. Yes, I wish I was eating that too!!! And, I do like those shoes!!! Wouldn't mind having them either!!!


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