picking the last of the garden

Yesterday was a Grammie day.
I cooked and baked. .
 hugged and kissed . .
held and burped . ..
scratched backs ..
played games...
pulled wagons. .
pushed cars ..
read books ...
diapered . .
dressed ..
bathed . .
fed . ..
and photographed.

Having five grands . .. . .


  1. Creative writing!
    Grammy day here today.. but I did the cooking and baking yesterday.

  2. Grammy days are the best days!!!!


  3. Good memories...for Grammie and the grands. So is the garden done for 2011?

  4. Love the poetic way of describing your day. And the picture is absolutely precious.

  5. That was so cute! You are very creative with your posts.
    Five grands must be wonderful - all those sweet memories you're making with them.

  6. And a bit exhausting, I'm sure. What a beautiful little grand pictured today with her blond curls, blue eyes, and lovely manicure.

  7. What fun you've been having out in nature!!! All the ATV'ing and hiking sounds like lots of fun. As I was enjoying New York I was thinking if I could handle being so far from the country. Not sure I could for a long while. What beautiful mountains you have. Indiana is flat, but there is not much we can do about that.

  8. You are very blessed. Lovella!

    I have two grandsons but I had a wonderful dream last night where many more were on my lap! :) I actually remember thinking in my dream it was so good to have so mnany grandchildren to love. Maybe this was God's way of telling me more will be on the way someday? I hope so!

  9. Your long list made me smile, the picture of your little one made me smile even bigger. What a fun grandma you are!


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