on labour day

After a hike walk around Aldergrove  Lake  (more on that tomorrow) Park yesterday, . ..
we took a bit of a drive and happened upon these three unloved and forsaken bits of history.
OH ..but that they might not  find their way to our shop.
Perhaps my request for a grandgetter of my very own will eventually come to labor. 

While he looked at the structure. . 
I envisioned the furniture . ..
and looked for picture ops of the future.

Ah ..before you think there is another vehicle in the shop. ..
let me assure you it is just a dream of a project.

Dreams . ..
are ever so much fun!

all for now. .


  1. We are both hoping for another restoration project, because we were both so impressed with the first one. Sorry Lovella:)

  2. The evidence and success of your dreams has got his feet dancing for some new opportunities.
    Be ware...what comes into his shop....

  3. Good thing Lol Farmhand as not along on this walk. One look into his shining eyes and that truck would have been on the way to the farm in a flash..

  4. Now that's what Dear would consider a real good walk and discovery...

  5. A grandgetter....so cute. I can almost see it now:)
    We'll all be watching for the winter project. The weather has been perfect for spending time outside.

  6. Dear Lovella, I just want to tell you, that I have followed your blog ever since you showed us the fantastic "Maple Twist Rolls", a reipe from Charlotte Rose.
    I enjoy very much reading your blog, see all the beautiful pictures and last but not least try out some of your recipes. Thanks you very much.
    Best regards
    Annette from Holland

  7. I would not be able to resist old forsaken bits of history! i love antiques of all kinds ;0

    Is that Mt Baker in your photo? What a magnificent view!

  8. Can he put bench seats in that baby blue one ... enough to seat ten?

  9. Yikes! Let me pry an answer out of my Great Dane about a certain vehicle in our garage!.....don't let T do anything rash!


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