new rules

Rules have changed considerably over the last thirty years.
I probably didn't buy but two sets of play dough during the years the boys grew up.
It was a luxury item that was cared for and considered quite dear.
Last time Grandgirlie was over. .
we spent hours making little pellets with the various coloured doughs.

Yesterday. .
she asked if she might be able to
 "Please mix two colours".
I said. .
Have you ever noticed how one allowance leads to another?

In her defence. .she cleaned it all up. .
every container was refilled.

I'm not a pushover. .
I am a Grammie.

That's my story. .
and I'm sticking to it.

all for now. . 


  1. Mixing the colors teaches cause and effect, right? It's all good!

  2. Oh yes, and have you ever noticed how things we would NEVER allow our own children to do, we allow our grands to do and even applaud it? Oh my. It's enough to make my head spin. Wonder what it's doing for my poor son and daughter-in-law. Such precious little hands so busy at play.

  3. Yes, Lovella, this made me smile, as I had the same Playdoh moment - and ended up with the same pile!

  4. So very cute! Love those rules:)

  5. Grandma's rules are the only rules that least when they are at Grandma's house.
    I always told my mother in law that what she did with the kids was up to her. Feed them too much cake and ice cream and whipped cream and stuff then you get to clean up the barf.
    Now that is cause and effect too. Lol.

  6. Aww.. yes ! how the rules change! but grandkids are perfect, are they not? smile

  7. Oh - mixing colours? Definitely against the rules. Except at Gramma's house.

  8. Looks like my grandkids are missing out on something. Cute post!

  9. You buy real play dough for your grands instead of making it yourself?
    (insert sound of jaw hitting the floor....)
    I was sure the Playdough salt and flour recipe was an old Mennonite thing, handed down for generations.
    Grammie day is now Monday for her? What day does her wee sister get?
    With five grands now does each kid get one Grammie day a week, or do the little ones get teamed up for Cousin Camp the the older ones used have?

  10. I agree, Lovella! Grandmas are allowed to pamper and be more lenient. It is our privilege ;)

  11. and you are a sweet one at that.

    I still have trouble with mixing.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  12. Glad you still rule...that's how it should be.

  13. I'm smiling! Rules seem to have slackened up a lot over the your house and mine.

    Funny thing...this Grammy has not yet had play dough at her house.


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