Mt. Baker

On Monday afternoon my beloved came into the house and declared the afternoon . . 
for us.
Having my choice of several options.. . 
I took the drive up to Mt. Baker to see the mountain closer than our usual daily view.
We see the mountain from our field and there isn't ever a time that I look at it without wonder at it's beauty.
I've posted pictures of it over the years but I've never taken you there to see it.

Though Mt Baker is in Washington State ..
it is visible all the way to British Columbia and like Judy said yesterday in her post here. .
the view is free.

He coaxed me onto the snow that never melts and we stood there for a moment. .
taking in the scenery around us.

We didn't come to the mountain equipped to hike around...
so we were content to walk the trails closest to the parking lot.

If you have a free day on a sunny afternoon before the snow flies. .
pack a lunch and a thermos and treat yourself and someone you love to a date.

Don't be alarmed if your date begins to make a snowball .. .

just try to capture it!

Though the clouds came and went. .
we looked across to see if we could figure out which might be Hannegan Peak that we hiked  and I posted about several years ago.

We walked up further than the gate allowed us to drive . .

and looked below to the ski lifts.

We took our time. ..

and walked as far as our flip flops would allow.
When we saw our red truck below. . 
we turned back down..
thinking about dinner.

Mt Baker. . .
always beautiful...
from near and far. 

all for now. . 


  1. I love those snow trimmed jewel box views of the lake through the trees. Mt. Baker is beautiful both from a distance and close up; so glad you have shared both views with us on your blog over the years.

    Wonder if our guys will ever grow too old to wing a snowball at us girls when the opportunity presents itself. I personally hope to still be dodging a snowball decades from now. And I hoping my aim on return lobs will improve over the years.

  2. Beautiful! I miss the western mountain ranges...I grew up in California, and while Pennsylvania has a lot of beauty, there is nothing like the mountains and the lakes and the views.

    Thanks for sharing your day with us...


  3. There usually isn't that much snow up there in late summer. Wow!

  4. So funny to think that we see it from here too, when we drive into town. On a clear day we see Mt Rainier too.
    Your husband dreams up the most 'fun' dates!

  5. Beautiful scenery Lovella. Hiking in flip flops...just goes to show how young you are! Did you catch that snowball?

  6. I've only seen it from near twice...and both of those times were before I reached the age of twenty. I think it is time for a return trip...and some hiking shoes!

    I am always in awe of Mt. Baker...the view from afar. Beautiful!

  7. Our cousin/niece from MB was visiting one summer and as we contiuanlly pointed out Mt Baker, she finally said, "Don't you ever get sick of it?" Nope... we don't. We love our mountains!

  8. Looks like a wonderful date. We were on a date across the line that afternoon too. Where did you end up for supper.....we had Mexican. Loved the pictures here today. We are so fortunate to live close to many beautiful spots to hike.

  9. Thanks you for bringing us such gorgeous views from Mt. Baker! It looks like a very cool and refreshing trip! I am still in Colorado and it has been hot here --over 90 degrees each day --I should have taken a trip up into the Rockies to cool off ;)

  10. lovely - as always. makes me want to go back to the mountains.

  11. So very pretty! I think barefoot in the snow is brave. Is it painful?

  12. It looks like you had the perfect weather and captured some moments together...
    Our visit to that mountain in July is a blur...It rained the whole time. There is no photo to post.
    It's been years since we've been there. Perfect date for a perfect team.

  13. Such a lovely outing - I always enjoy your mountain posts as I don't get to experience them here.

  14. so lovely! It's been a few years since we've been there. I love the way the snowbank is sculpted in the one picture - the dirt just emphasizes the planes of snow. Looks like it was a lovely day.

  15. Such a beautiful place!I am gonna have to visit there someday, seeing how it does hold mt surname! My wife will be on Mt. Hood, Oregon next month. My children and I won't get to go but I can see us going back! Thanks for the post, I am glad I found it!


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