leek harvest

I yanked the Leeks out of the garden and pulled a few other things to add to the pot.

Hot Leek and Potato Soup.

I smile at the fact that God made Cayenne Peppers red.
It is a good color for them.

The carrots?
I bet you can tell which ones felt cramped in their quarters.


  1. I'm sure that cramped or not they'll be plenty tasty. Your soup sounds so good, which reminds me that I must get back to MGCC and report in on the Cheeseburger Soup we had last night for supper...oh my!

  2. That will surely be a good soup! I wonder what sort of bread will be served with it?

  3. Harvesting time is a good eating time..reminds me that I must go do some harvesting in my garden. Among other things, I planted a couple of sweet potatoes, shall see what happened with those.

  4. That is one curvy carrot. I think I can smell your soup across the valley.

  5. Cramped carrot and lanky leek soup...sounds good to me! It's a soupy kind of day out there today.

  6. I'm off to make soup having been inspired by your post. Leek and Potato sounds very good on this cool rainy fall day.

  7. Who cares if the carrots felt cramped...I'm sure in your tummy they taste wonderful. Nothing like fresh soup from the garden.
    I can tell you have really enjoyed it...next year it will be bigger and better?

  8. I love anything with leeks in it! Yum! Your garden has really yielded a nice bounty!


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