Late in the Summer

Our weather is all that we could ever hope for.
The roses are in agreement.
Our back yard is full of bees.

I rarely see a butterfly ...
but bees?
They are in the season of being dopey.
The other day I was outside and when I came in I heard a buzzing by my ear.
Thinking it was a fly. .I swatted at my head. ..
but missed.
Since it seemed intent on remaining in my hair.  .
I continued to swat and took myself back outdoors. .
where the bee . .
buzzed off without bothering to sting.

That was good.

Do you all have your Sedum turning color for Autumn?
I'm loving my mother plant.
Dozens of little offspring are growing around the yard.
If you didn't plant one last year.. .
I'll try to remind you next spring when I start the baby Sedums again.

Loving late Summer. . 
just loving it!

all for now...


  1. my Sedum has finally started growing. Maybe I will have to start some babies in the spring! It is a lovely fall flower. Except, I just remember as a child that it attracted the bees and so I never liked it then.

  2. Oh do remind us again. I think that sedum is such a handsome plant. You were blessed not to have been stung. That bee must've been an amiable drunk.

  3. We are finally getting lots of rain here....long overdue. My sedum is looking nice right now, at its peak. I love sedum! And I love your new blog header, by the way.

  4. I'm with you...enjoying the lingering joys of summer! I admire sedum in the gardens I pass by...but have never had any over here. Maybe next year.

  5. Yes, remind us Lovella!

    I see this lovely sedum everywhere in the fall and it is lovely...I think it is Sedum Autumn Joy, isn't it?

    Glad you weren't stung.


  6. The bees and wasps here are doing the same dizzy dance - in slow motion. These last days of summer are precious as we see the last roses, the last black-eyed Susans, but not the last weeds!

  7. I just might need to add sedum somewhere. Your late roses and sedum are lovely!

  8. I love my sedum as well...yes Autumn Joy! Brings a smile to the fall. Don't know why I haven't thought to get some babies started!

  9. I hope you have lots of baby sedums next year! =) I'll make some room.
    Yes... we are having the best weather right now...

  10. Mine is beginning to turn too. I didn't know they had baby sedums. I'll make sure to read your spring post!

  11. Sedum plant..I moved mine to the country and the deer ate it! Didn't know they did that.
    Your plant looks great!

  12. A variety of sedum are in full color in my garden. Love how long they last in a vase too.

    Last day of summer today. The weather here would make one believe that summer will never end, except for bits of orange popping up on the hills around our house.

  13. Ah, how I miss growing sedum. It simply will not tolerate the heat of summer and the too-warm winters here in Florida, but it grew beautifully and abundantly for me in Kentucky. We'll observe the end of summer and beginning of autumn on our calendars on Friday, but autumn is nothing more than a continuation of summer around these parts. (I'm not complaining - it just reminds me that we'll have wonderful winters!)

  14. Your roses still look fresh and growing more buds to enjoy!

    Glad you weren't stung! I was stung for the first time in my life a couple of years ago when a bee entered my car while I was driving and I swatted it. It was scary, as I had to keep control of the wheel but it stung my finger so badly I began to cry.

    I still love bees, but now I keep the windows up and the ac on when I drive.

  15. What a great capture of a bee in flight, just about to land on the flower!

  16. I've never seen such a huge Sedum plant! Just beautiful this time of year!

  17. Such glorious pink...and look at that bee! He makes me smile.


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