Larson Hill

Larson Hill is an ATV'ers hangout.
I know. .
because I went to check it out myself.

The goal is to find your favorite spot and to get there early enough in the weekend. .
which essentially is just past midweek. .
to be there before other groups arrive.
That's the truth.
We were not the first to arrive ..
but others in our group were...
and so we backed in . . .
and backed down ..
and set up camp.

While he parked the machine in the carmachine port . . .
I set up the kitchen ..
and went to take a look at the beauty around us.

I probably shouldn't divulge where this spot is. .
but hey. . 
it's too pretty to be selfish.

Drive north up the Coquihalla Highway and just a bit past the old toll booths. .
you'll find a gravel road which will take you down to the spot you see.
Even if you don't camp ..
the trees will be picture pretty in a few weeks and worth the drive.

Friday morning at 10 am. .
the day's group of ATV riders were ready to leave camp.

This was a new experience for me. . 
on the back of my beloved's quad.
I don't know what I expected. .
but it was faster .. 
and bumpier than I imagined it might be.

I asked before leaving camp if I should take my digital SLR or my pocket camera. 
He said. ."pocket camera"
and once I realized that my hand grips were not only for decoration ..
I understood why.

We crossed through the waters to head to the trails...
slowly for my benefit.

My friend Ruth rode her own quad and I was most impressed.

The trails are shared with cattle ..
and it seems they have seen the likes of us. .
often through the summer months.

At noon we stopped for a bite to eat.
I yelled down to get away from the edge . ..
and backed up to demonstrate what I meant.

Compartments were opened. . 

and lunch was served . 

My job as the only non-rider. .
was to take the photos. .
and so I stood on a rock again. .
to take pictures of them lining up after lunch to ride again.

The afternoon ride was up to Mount Henning.
While we rode up. . 
my mind kept remembering the movie ..
Man from Snowy River.

You've seen it?

all for now. . 


  1. Man from Snowy of my all time favorites!
    That getaway time must have been a total blast. Glad you were not jangled and bumped too hard; your pictures captured the spirit of the whole adventure very well.

  2. I would of gladly taken spot on a quad..I'm happy to see that you had some female company.
    You can scratch that off your bucket list, we really appreciate the efforts and insight that you give to creating and promoting our cookbook. That's where your niche lies.

  3. Brave woman, you are! Pictures look like fun, but I can imagine the fear involved too. Glad you had good weather to get nice pictures and came home safe!

  4. Looks like it would be beneficial to wear a kidney belt! Looks like a fun time out in nature!!

  5. I always wondered what lay beside the highway as we passed by that way. Thanks for sharing!

    So glad you survived your quadding adventure...and have pictures to tell of it all as well!

  6. This whole adventure looks like so much fun to me. I can't think of a better place to camp either. So happy that little camera goes with you when you head out, no matter what it's size;

  7. No, I've not seen it. Hmmm...

    I want to know how you're doing now a day or so later? I'd be crippled for about a week after that adventure. Ha!

    But what beauty and fun and camaraderie!

  8. This reminds me of the hours of time I spent with my dad and siblings, riding quads in our mountains. Yes, I rode my own and loved it. My dad thought I should know how to ride motorcycycles and quads. Your ride adventure looks like so much fun! I am thankful you were there to capture it all on your camera, just for us.

  9. That looks like a fun way to spend a weekend!

    Beautiful views and you're right - it will be beautiful in a few weeks!



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