Happy Autumn

Autumn on the Pacific Coast is beautiful but not necessarily sunny like the day this week I captured the sunflowers one more time before the rains . .
but I love the season of Fall regardless of what the skies look like.

Every night the cooler air coaxes the green leaves turn  towards yellow and orange. ..
and eventually. .
they will offer me my most favorite part of the season as they crunch beneath my feet.

As I write this on Thursday morning.. .
my kitchen window is wide open so I can hear the last rain of summer.
Eventually ..
this sound of rain will be too familiar ..
but for today . .
it  is cleansing to my soul.

Happy Autumn dear ones!

all for now ..


  1. We fell asleep on Wednesday night to the sound of rain on the roof - so comforting. This is my favorite season, and this, the first day, I have taken off work to just enjoy my surroundings.

  2. Funny...that the sound of rain can be a comforting one when we haven't heard it in awhile! Have a wonderful weekend...whatever the weather.

  3. It is raining and overcast here at the beginning of our Autumn season, but the coffee is hot and the sound of rain on the windows is somewhat comforting.

    Happy Autumn to you my friend!

  4. A very happy Autumn to you too!

  5. Hard to believe that we are enjoying our first day of autumn. Me too...I just loved the sound of the warm pitter patter...I even washed my windows in the rain, as it was so nice and warm.

  6. And a happy autumn to you, Lovella.

    Odd how it's raining on both sides of the continent. That does not bode well for next week here. ☺

    Beautiful sunflowers!

  7. When I woke up this morning it was pouring, but now the sky is blue and the sun is shining. We are entering into a most beautiful season and your photo illustrates that so well. What a pretty sunflower. Did you plant it or did the birds? I have a few tiny ones that the birds planted.
    Wishing you a happy Autumn and a lovely weekend.

  8. I'm enjoying your enjoyment of the patter of rain outside. I'd love to hear some of that down here so far south of you. I like your new colorful header...just right for autumn. I'm noticing that a lot of people seem to favor autumn over the other seasons, and I count myself among them. Somehow I feel very joyful knowing it has arrived and that we'll soon be seeing it even here in So. California. Happy Autumn to you, Lovella.

  9. Well, yes...I was going to be insanely jealous when I opened your post and saw the sunflower in the sun...but it is comforting to know that we westcoasters are all blanketed in rain and like Judy...I like to hear it outside my window and know that we are warm and safe in our little homes.


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