the guys day

Saturday morning I set my alarm for 7 and soon after that I got a text. . .
saying they had hit the Coq and were on their way.
Hashbrowns and bacon was started and by the time it was done. .
they had arrived.

There are my three men.

The day had not even begun and already the shoving and pushing was well underway.

The days ride was not scheduled to begin until 10 so the three of them took off to get their warm ups.
Meanwhile. .
back and camp. .
tanks were being filled...
and coffee was being finished.
They won't let me take a decent picture of the three of them.
But . . this was the best. .
and the rest . .
are unusable. .
and not because of the photographer.
The main ride was about to begin and they went to line up.

They waited until their line up photo was taken. .
and I waved them to start. . .
and off they were.

While they were gone. .
I whipped up some cinnamon buns for the group. .
and cookies for supper dessert. .
and read my book.
Pure enjoyment.
Safely back. .
the steak master came around and took orders.
The campfire circle expanded and chairs were added and everyone waited for the steak master to come asking.
I was glad I was asked. ..and not asking.
The fire was lit. .

Rob opened up his steak bag. . .
. .and James did some amazing things to those steaks. . .
they were delicious.
And here are our hosts. .
Rob and Lori. .and his mom Gwen in the center. 

And how did it all begin?
This Rob's Dad Len. ..
who bought his boys some quads. .
and took them out on weekends.
Now his son Rob. .
invites his friends every fall to join them for a weekend..
and ..
now that I know what kind of fun they are having. .
I'll be waiting for that email. .
next September.

all for now.


  1. Fun times...for the quadders, the campers, the diners! So glad you got to be a part of it all this year.

  2. wow - looks like such a fun weekend!

  3. One thing is all know how to have a good time. I'm sure that your name will be on the list if you're planning to make all those goodies again next year. What are you going to do with those guys of yours? And it's only going to get worse...have they no concept of posterity? ;>

  4. You have some photogenic guys there ... at least once they are on their machine.
    I'd gladly bake some cinnamon buns for the joy of being served a good steak. I can see you being hooked now... and being asked to come back to be the resident photographer.

  5. I love it that the guys barbecue the meat for everyone!! Looks like a perfect weekend for all those "boys"

  6. Sometimes it's fun to get involved with the boys' games - on our own terms, of course! I like the way you spent your day!

  7. It looks like the rough necks have you hooked...why not...there's nothing like roughing it and just being. Sometimes it brings life some new meanings. I've always loved the boys games.

  8. Just read about your quadding and your experiences. Very interesting. Our son in law does Rhinoing up in the Grey Stokes area. Always glad when the teams get back safely.


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