Friday Ride

At the top of Henning Mountain I heard him murmer . ..
"wild blueberry muffins". 
I picked some when I heard him...and popped them in  my mouth.

It was so pretty up there and more than once I thought it was much easier seeing the view this way rather than the conventional method of hiking up the mountain.
This is usually the time of year we tackle our one mountain climb  .. .
and hopefully this wasn't it.

In the valley far below the Coquihalla Highway can be seen winding its way towards Merritt.
I can't help but think about my Dad-by-love who spent many hours as part of the construction team for the highway which was completed in 1986.

While the ATVers .. .
took their break. .
I walked as far as I could in each direction. .
enjoying the vegetation taking on it's autumn hue.

Looking south . ..
I saw the highway once more.

I was wishing  for family photos up on the crest. .
and wishing is where that wish will remain.
Maybe one day. ..
when the littles will be much bigger and can hold on tight.

I heard the call for the break to be over and came over the hill and called them for a group photo.

We passed the same signs that we had passed on the way up.
These trails are used year around and I noted the bottom sign gives indication of how deep the snow levels are.

There was a small section of pavement. . .
when I hung on a bit tighter. .
not for the bouncing but for the mph I noted over his shoulder.

I really wondered how my pictures would turn out since there was no stopping for photo ops and this one of us passing another.  .
was at 60 mph. 
I think I can see a glimpse of a smile there.

We came back to Highway levels and travelled along a fence designed to keep the cattle and deer off the highway.

From the other side of the water. .
our campground could be seen.

We took off on our own after that for awhile.
This time. .
we moved a bit slower and even stopped for a few photos along the way.

A good part of the trail is the old Kettle Valley Railway which was built in 1890's was used for freight and people until the 1960's.
Today it serves as a trail for cyclists and ATVers.
We passed this old steam house (so I was told) in Brookmere.

I thought it was great that we were welcomed along the way.

Did I mention it was a gorgeous day?
I love the bark of a Pine Tree...
and was happy to see the Pine Beetle left this old tree alone.
Maybe they don't like tough old bark?

On the way back to camp..
he stopped..
told me to move forward. .
and I doubled him.
Here is the proof.
Notice. ..I drove much slower.

There are some traditions that are worth repeating.
Dave..brings along his Tandoori Chicken every year.
I'll be working on this recipe in the next while.

And that. .
was Friday.
On Saturday morning our boys came up to join the rest of the guys.
I was told. .it was guys day. .
and I was fine with that.

Tomorrow ..
we'll have a look at the rest of the weekend...
and the people that make it all possible.

all for now . .


  1. And I would of loved every minute of it...I love the scenery up there and the cold crisp mountain air. At least you did not have snow yet, as I heard Whistler got it's first dump.
    You will be back...with the little ones one day...and smile thinking, I did this once.

  2. Beautiful! So glad you were part of the gang this capture the photos for us.

    It snowed on the Coquihalla the summit.

    I'm waiting for the tandoori chicken recipe. Yum!

  3. What a fun way to see the mountain top! I think the snows will soon be in that high elevation so I'm glad you saw if safely before that happened. The chicken looked so good roasting over the coals.

  4. Amazing views from that mountaintop. No wonder you enjoyed the ride, except for that 60mph part.

  5. What gorgeous views. That backwoods experience is one of the best things about 4x4ing and ATVing.

  6. Wonderful photos on and off the ride! That Tandoori chicken is making my mouth water!

  7. I love the look of that chicken!! I too will be waiting for that recipe! I also love your photos. Curious what kind of point and shoot you've got that gets sharp photos at 60mph... I'm in the market for a new one:)

  8. ErinFay,
    Thank you! I was shocked that the 60mph picture turned out and not only was he moving but I was too!
    I use a Canon PowerShot SX230HS.

  9. What a hoot! Glad you could join the group this year. That chicken looks yummy.....and I could almost put myself there with those back road adventures. So glad you had a good time.

  10. What an adventure! So good that the weather was nice! The views are beautiful! It really does look like an easier way to make it up the mountain.

  11. and yes.. I did see that hint of a smile.

  12. That looks like a great way to spend a weekend before the snow flies.


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