field trip

Yesterday afternoon I took a field trip to our local Eating and Cooking Festival.

While I was there I noticed that I arrived in time to see a Canadian Celebrity Chef on the kitchen Stage.

I found a place to sit and read my brochure.

Like a little kid I turned around to see how many people might come sit at a kitchen stage show.

I spent some time studying the kitchen stage equipment.

I noted that when the celebrity chef came on stage. .
he had a good time with the audience.
He wasn't nervous but oddly. .
I was.

I also noted in the next show that some chefs might have less words but make up for it in quick and creative cooking.
He seemed a bit nervous and I sympathized but was amazed at how good this Italian Chef's English was in the short time he has been in Canada.

When I got home. .
I opened up my free treat bag like a little kid and called my beloved in for coffee and we ate up some of the samples.

all for now. .


  1. Great field trip. And a treat bag too..I love that!

  2. Rice bran oil...that's a new one on me.
    Quite surprised to read that you were not in the celebrity guest chef line up.
    Give it time...

  3. Yup - I see you and a few other gals in aprons on that stage...........

  4. Oh, that sounds like a field trip that you could really enjoy. What a nice goodie bag, too. I'd have been mesmerized by the first chef's tattoos and would have missed everything he had to share.

  5. A field trip with a purpose (smile)...and a take-home goody bag = time well spent!

  6. When you MGCC gals take to the stage and teach the world how to make paska and borscht what will you put in YOUR treat bag giveaway? A loaf of bread, an apron, and some bottled schmaunts fat gravy? Luuuuuuv it!

  7. I'd be alongside you for the "Cooking and Eating" trip if I lived there, Lovella. I do enjoy doing both!

  8. I think I would have been nervous right along with you Lovella. What a great treat bag!

  9. Looks like you took some good notes! I'll bet no one else paid attention to the details and the logistics of cooking in that roll-a-away kitchen the way you did. Thanks for being the one to spy out the land for us all!

  10. I'm only beginning to see you up on this same stage...That's exactly where you belong..and I know you won't be shy.
    I like your goody bag...that's my treat every day.

  11. Oh I love the Brookside chocolate berries...and the Infusions! Sounds like a fun field trip.


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