Bosc Pears

We have been planting a fruit tree each spring.
It seems everyone in the valley can grow Italian Plums but us.
I want to report though. . .
our Bosc Pears are ripening. .
on the branch. 

Both of them.

I'm pouring over recipes. . 
in anticipation of the harvest.

Sort of kidding.  :)

Is it Wednesday today?
I'm off on a mini date. 

I'll be back as soon as we've had our ..  .
 Fruit and Fiber Muffin. .
coffee. .
and insurance.

all for now. . 


  1. Your two pears look very lovely and well cared for. I have pear trees in my orchard...they are so delicious.

  2. At least you don't have to share!

  3. Hmmm....the neighbors behind us planted a pear tree two years ago. They have about ten pears this year. Next year we are hoping to inquire if they would like to share their crop with us.

  4. Not a single plum for us this year - our plum trees didn't like the long, wet spring and early summer. If we put our two pears and your two pears together we could make something good!

  5. I'll add my 3 mini pears to the both of yours and we could make pie by the yard!
    That's all our tree produced this year! Yes we can grow pears but the pears are very tiny.

  6. It sounds like you are mixing business and pleasure...out for breakfast and insurance!

    Enjoy those pears...both of them

  7. two pears? :)
    you just might have to go to borrow from a friends tree :)

  8. A date to McDonald's and the Insurance Co .. how sweet is that?
    Enjoy the pears. Maybe you need another tree to keep this one company - for cross polination... or a plum tree might do the trick too now. Who knows?

  9. The saying goes 'plant pears for your heirs'. Looks like your heirs are coming faster than the pears. Ours started producing about the same time - should go out to the back forty to check the pear trees in time for 2 year old heir's visit this weekend. Dairymary

  10. least those are two healthy looking pears! Have fun on that date!

  11. The tree was good to for each:) Eat slowly.

  12. Mmmmm...nothing like juicy tree-ripened pears! Can hardly wait to see what recipe you use! LOL

  13. I think I recognize that pear from my dad's farm...thick skin? ripens a bit later in the season? If it is, it's yummy and you will eat most of them.

  14. Congratulations on your accomplishment! Two more pears that we grew. Those two beauties had no idea that they would be shared on your nationwide blog post. They are so happy! Good luck with the recipe:)


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