book tour souveniers

Being fresh out of ideas for this last post of the week I quickly scrolled through my photo library and saw that I had taken a series of bread in bag photos a few weeks ago.

As far as souvenirs go ..
I bought myself a little "big apple" charm for my bracelet in New York City back in August. . .
but the souvenir that makes me smile most often is this box of All Purpose Plastic Bags.

I don't know if you have noticed this too. .
but it seems harder and harder to find a regular old plastic bag without a zip top.
Whoever designed zip top bags gave no consideration to bread bakers.

I found these no nonsense "8 pound" sized bags at a small little Mennonite Community general store that carried most anything a household would "need".  While Anneliese found some treasures of her own. .which I won't mention in case she wants to share that herself ..
I poured over the various sizes of plastic bags..  ..
all without zips.

I bought two boxes which I expect will last me quite some time.
If I ever run out though. .
I'll send our friend Kathy who manages the Canadian Herald Press Warehouse. .
back to the general store to pick me up a few more boxes.
If there is someone who knows how to send a package. .it's her.

all for now. .


  1. we have bought those, but the super large size for freezing large roasting chickens and turkeys, also from a mennonite general store, we've never found them anywhere else :)

  2. This makes me smile! I live in an old-fashioned community where there is still a lot of bakers. Our general store, Coopers, carries those no-nonsense bags as well as a great supply of baking goods at a great price.

  3. Lovella, I've brought home some souvenirs like that too. It's funny, what catches our attention. I remember a holiday in Denmark and bringing home cloth tea strainers, because they hadn't appeared over here yet.

  4. Great take-home souvenir! I have a roll of no-nonsense plastic bags in my pantry that I picked up at the wholesalers...just for that purpose (breads and buns and other baking).

  5. Isn't that the truth..ziploc manufacturers didn't think of the bread bakers! I find these plastic bags at our local grocery store.

  6. What a great find....and purchase. I have often been so frustrated trying to find the right bag for my bread.

  7. Glad you found the perfect bag for your homemade bread! The bread looks fabulous.

  8. I had no idea those kind of bags existed! And by the way, I love the middle pic in your header...praising God at ocean's shore! Luuuuuuuv it! You are an ocean soul!

  9. I loved that store too. An old country store with what I would call "general merchandise" and lots of treasures. It's where I found the lovely bonnets I bought for my baby granddaughter.

  10. Isn't it funny how we women who 'home keep' and bake bread and....get thrilled over things like this?

    I always complain that my bread doesn't fit in the gallon zip top bags....I'll have to check out my local Amish and Mennonite stores!

    Have a great weekend!


  11. I have never even considered that closing plastic bags. We have a Mennonite store about a half hour away...perhaps they have some. It's the perfect way to give gifts of bread.

  12. This post made me chuckle to myself. We realy are a practical bunch, aren't we? Me, excited about canning lids with rubber insides and you with your plastic bags. That bread looks mighty good too!

  13. Real close to home...HY Louii....and then you could stop by and share some fresh bread!


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