Aldergrove Lake

Don't believe everything you see.
There was a time that taking kids to Aldergrove Lake on a lazy summer day was part of our summer ritual.
This last year though ..
powers that be decided that the man made lake needed to be filled in and "the" lake is no more.

What is does have though. .
is a wonderful trail that is nearly half a country block large and is used by horses.  .
cyclists and people.

We found the lake that has been slowly developing over the years. . .
but in case anyone was longing for a summer swim .
a sign was posted near by.

We hadn't had our hearts set on summer swimming ..
so we were fine with the posting.

When the trail has a beautiful shade canopy like this one has.  .
we kept completely comfortable on a hot late summer day.

all for now. .


  1. What a beautiful trail...

    Too bad about the lake. Some decisions just don't make since, do they?


  2. That is a lovely trail. We're always scouting for safe places for the grands to practice biking. I'm even considering a bike because it would be ever so much easier keeping up with them that way!

    Why was the lake filled in?

  3. We have so many treasures in the Lower Mainland.

  4. That was one of our hangout places in the summer as a child...and now it's closed and I'm still looking for swimming holes...but the ocean has become my favorite...and I don't think it will close soon.

  5. I love shady trails like this one!

  6. So, no Aldergrove lake anymore? Are they going to keep the trail? It seems strange to not a have a lake to walk around. Those powers that be do make intersting decisions. By now the lake by our cabin is probably half empty because "they" drain it should there be hard rains and flood the area. It's always too early.


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