after the sale is over

First of all ...
before I cause a community kuf-fuffle ..
the couple in the photo with the child ..
is not a family.
Well ..
technically they are family but they are not a couple with a child.

Two siblings own the Helmi's perogy factory which should be a mainstay in everyone's freezer if you are not willing to make your own Wareneki.

Two brothers and their wives who happen to be nephews of my sister by love own the business and more often than not you'll find some Blueberry Perogies in my freezer for those times when I simply can't resist.

A little Schmaundt Fat and a little sugar and those Blueberry Perogies are like dessert.

Anyways. .like I was saying they are not a couple in the photo above  but rather brother in law and sister in law . .
and after I took the picture they were a little concerned that if posted. .
rumours would break out.

So ..dont' break out in any rumours. .

As I mentioned in the previous pre-Relief Sale post. .
I had pre-purchased my food tickets.
On Saturday morning before going to sign books again ...
I took my remaining tickets and bought up everything I could.

Lunch ...done.

OH. .and if you are wondering what the cost of the food is there..
let me tell you  ..
it is a bargain and a half.

For $40. ..
the two of us had each a plate of Wareneki with Schmaundt Fat (okay ..for the English ...Cream Sauce)
and some nice big pieces of Smoked Farmer Sausage. .

and to take home on Saturday

...each a helping of Portzekly ..(normally reserved for New Years Day)
...a jar of Plumi Moos. ..(fruit soup. .made from dried fruit. .it's in the book too)
and  each a bun filled with Farmer Sausage (which did make it home for our lunch on Saturday)

We arrived on Friday night at 5 pm sharp ..
with the rest of the crowd waiting to gain entrance.

My beloved made a bee-line for the shop/garage/outdoor stuff and I headed to the "housewares".
 I found my friend Rosanna. ..with her mom and look at what her mom makes all year long to sell.

Rugs that are made from squares of fortrel.  
Remember fortrel?  
She picks it up at the thrift store and cuts it all up and sews these rugs that can be tossed in the wash and will
never  ..
ever die.

Rosanna. . .
makes these beautiful hand stitched cards in her spare time. .
and sells them as well.

If you happen to get one of these in the next year. .
the cat is out of the bag. .
Rosanna made them.

Then there are the rows of quilts.
Next year. .
I'm aiming to buy one.

Most of the quilted by the MCC quilters guild. .
all year around.

I loved this one.
It seemed like it should belong to me but I spotted it on Saturday and only had food tickets and my pen with me.. .
neither of them would buy a quilt.

Next year.

As I walked through the two buildings ..
I was struck by the generosity of the gifts that were being given to sell. .
for the Relief Sale.

Hours and hours of time. .
and of course personal costs.


Because ...
it is important and part of our heritage.

People come prepared to pay thousand of dollars for a loaf of bread that starts the sale.

MCC Festival by the numbers: 1202 volunteers, nearly 20,000 people attending, 18,000 vereniki consumed, 87 lbs of butter used to make the sauce, 2900 lbs of farmer sausage sold, 44 cyclists who raised $67,000, tons of kids (and parents) who raised $1700, 400 lbs of raisins in the portzelky. AND over $600,000 raised - and counting! 
all for now.  .


  1. Well done, Mennonites! (I have to tell you that Cream Sauce sounds more palatable than Schmaundt Fat. Just from my perspective.)

    Oh, I can definitely see why that quilt had your name on it. It is whimsical with many conversation starters. I can see grands just loving it and eager to talk about it. It has movement and wonderful colors and pinwheels and home and hearts. Yup. Is it a sampler quilt of sorts? It's a very creative piece.

  2. I can see why the sale date gets put on thoe calender first thing each year. What a treat for the eyes, the tummy and the soul all at once. After all the years you have attended the event, it must have been a really amazing emotional rush to see the book cover there and know you now are on the fund raising side of the event too.

    If the quilting ladies read this post....oh the excitement they must feel knowing they get to plan and make Lovella's quilt.

    I still remember the gorgeous yo-yo quilt you obtained there a few years ago too...

  3. Thanks for translating - I couldn't get my mind around the fat on the blueberries! What an event - what a wonderful project - and to think it happens every year!

  4. I have to agree with Vee...cream sauce sounds much better. Possibly if my grandmother had called it 'cream sauce', I may even have tried it! Guess what? I ate schmaundt fat for the very first time on Friday night at the MCC sale! It goes down well with perogies.

    I'm glad I got to tour the sale from your perspective...since I never saw much this year. I never got beyond the Ten Thousand Villages booth! Next year.

  5. Amazing! Hopefully I'll be free to attend next years...

  6. Looks like you had a nice walk through highlighting some of the beautiful things.
    At least I learned what Schmaundt Fat is all about...
    From now on it Cream Sauce.
    It was a fun time signing books and running out by popular demand.

  7. You made me feel like I was there in more ways than just sitting at a table. Love all the info yo have there. Whover thought of starting a yearly Relief Sale? How long has it been going on? Probably most of my life. I am thankful for the many generous givers and buyers.

  8. Love all the crafts and the hearts behind them! And your book poster looks grand!

  9. What a great turnout! I wish I could have joined you. So many crafted people represented there too.
    My folks lost their home in the 1993 Mississippi River flood and it was the Mennonites that helped rebuild the house. I can't say "thank you" enough to them!
    It is , indeed, a worthy cause to contribute to.
    By the way, is fortrel some sort of polyester? Just curious!

  10. Lovella, is there a date yet for next year's sale? How fun it would be to go. Everything is beautiful, colorful, and inviting. But those string-cards are to die for! Wow, they are amazing! Are they only sold at the yearly sale or does she have a website? Thanks for sharing with us!

  11. La Tea Dah ..I'd love for you to come next year. It is always the same weekend....or pretty close to it. They have it posted on their website far in advance.

    I'll be happy to check with Rosanna about her cards. I suspect that she doesn't have an etsy shop but made she'll special order if I ask her.

  12. Hi Lovella!

    What a wonder relief effort sale! The quilts were all spectacular, and I loved the stitched cards.

    I love potato perogies and I always have some in the freezer. I will have to see if Helmi's is available here in NYC.

    Thank you for your kind comments on my 9-11 post. It was hard to believe it was the 10 anniversary of that sad day.

  13. I love your description of the sale, Lovella. Thanks for covering it all, as I too didn't see much beyond the Ten Thousand Villages booth.
    Anneliese - I don't know when the sale started but I know it was on already in Waterloo ON when I was a child. Now there are MCC sales in a number of locations all over Canada (and the US I think).

    Those are pretty remarkable numbers at the end of your post Lovella. Too bad we didn't count the number of MGCC books we signed. That was fun - Thanks to all who came to visit our table.

  14. It was nice to see the rest of the sale. I too only was able to spend time in the ten Thousand Village was well worth it though. I liked that you put all the stats here.....what a great way to gather people together knowing that others will be helped.

  15. And now, after our visit to the Mennonite Museum this summer, and our friends taking us on a tour of the Mennonite thrift stores, I understand all about the relief sale now!!!! What fun!


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