It was such a perfect morning for flying out of Vancouver.
Not being a frequent flyer. .
it is still a novelty to see the ground leave and the earth gain perspective.

We crossed over the Fraser Valley and pointed out landmarks ..
like typical tourists.

Just before we landed in Toronto. .
I was amazed at the straight stretches of road. .
and the relatively flat lands.

With the miracle of GPS ..
our first real stop. .
was Oakville Ontario.

We had arranged to meet Ingrid  the Education and Media Coordinator for Ten Thousand Villages.

It was quite amazing to meet her.
Though we had never met before . .
we saw each other in the parking lot and I asked her. .
are you Ingrid. .
and the warmth and welcome on her face told me I was correct.

We had such a great evening together. .
talking about both her passion of Fair Trade. .
and ours of blogging and and the book...
and feeding hungry children.

And that. ..
was our first day in the air...
and on the road.

Today ..
we will take a leisurely and scenic drive to see Niagara Falls ..
and then make our way to Waterloo ..
where we will at long last meet the dear girl who runs the warehouse in Canada.

all for now ..



  1. Busy plans...hope that some may be revealed in advance. :D

    What a nice shot of the earth below. It amazes me that it always looks like a giant quilt.

    Enjoy, enjoy! You are both wonderful ambassadors.

  2. Everything looks great including you and Anneliese! Have fun!

  3. So excited that one of the spots on your tour is nearby!! I'll bring money along to buy a book!

  4. Great photos from the air!

    Glad all went well on Day One. Have a wonderful time today!

  5. I agree with Ellen - you both look terrific!

    Yes I remember those straight roads in Ontario when we moved up there - with everything divided into concessions. It was a new experience for this Islander. Our roads wind hither and yon.

  6. Wow, those mountains around Fraser Valley are huge! Our VA mountains will look like mere hills to you! Great shots from the air!

  7. Wonderful photos form the air, Lovella! Were they blogged form your I-Pad?
    How wonderful that you have started your journey with Anneliese! I have been really busy with wedding plans and searching for a new car these past few much going on in this heat.

    Hope you enjoy Niagara Falls. It is sad it has become so commercialized there on both sides :(

  8. Sounds like day one was really nice! Great shots from the airplane! How fun to feel a connection right aways and share your passions while making new friends together.
    Enjoy your evening....and safe travels as you head to Waterloo in the morning.

  9. Wow! Two of the best looking authors in Canada!! Pretty impressive considering the length of the trip. Safe travels :)


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