Summer Sausage

If there was one thing I missed on vacation it was home made whole wheat bread.
All I wanted for breakfast was a decent slice of toast.
Monday morning between opening mail and sorting bills to be paid ..
I mixed up a batch of bread.

When my beloved came in for lunch ..
this is what was sitting before him for his lunch.

We laughed and I got out the sharpest knife I own ..and cut thin slices of Summer Sausage that we brought home from Waterloo.
The sausage was a gift from Kathy who manages the Herald Press Warehouse in Waterloo.
We visited the St Jacobs Farmers Market on Saturday morning before out signing and she bought this sausage for us to take home.

According to the seller of the sausage ..
it lasts indefinitely ..
does not need to be refrigerated. .
and indeed is quite tasty.

I had the sausage in my carry on.
My carry on will forever remind me of my trip to Waterloo.

I think I'll keep a tally on how many lunches we can get out of that sausage.
If you get invited to the bungalow for lunch ..
bring mustard.

I'll let you know.

all for now ..


  1. Glad you got some summer sausage to take home! The best mustard to eat with this is the homemade kind. If you need the recipe, let me know. It's an old Amish mustard recipe that's super easy to make and so so delicious!

  2. Summer sausage...summer weather...along with your yummy bread (maybe a little summer jam☺)...and you are set for the day! I have to laugh at bread baking being so high on your priority list when you arrived home.

  3. Local foods make such a good souvenier. Of course if you really love the food then it becomes a hunt to find a way to get more without traveling back again.

  4. I can taste that sausage and bread! My kind of lunch. All you need is some Bothwell cheese and you are can pick some up next week in Steinback....I know I am going to. Oh...and a pail of honey:)

  5. So the scent/odor will last indefinitely as well?!? :)
    Lovella, I enjoyed following along with you & Anneliese on your recent adventure, even as we were on vacation during the same time.
    What a fantastic thing you began!

  6. YUMMO:) we've actually been to that farmers market when visiting friends in toronto..fond memory. have a wonderful..sunny..weekend. auntie sharon

  7. We need to add a few pickles along with that...I could taste that bread right now. I know what you mean...when you come home from want real comfort food and it feels so good to whip up some fresh bread again.

  8. Your bread is just beautiful Lovella. It must have smelled so homey good in your bungalow...

  9. Oh...I am so envious of you...what a great looking sausage that is.


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