Strawberry Jam

Yesterday was a grand day.
All but Little Oh spent  some time at our house and for a bit of the day ..
we had cousin camp.

Other than a bit of a squabble over who would be holding Little Miss Muffet in the wagon. .
they are four peas in a pod.

In the end. .she opted to sit on their feet.

The wagon stopped at the ever bearing strawberry plants .. 
and they squabbled a bit over who would feed Little Miss Muffet  strawberries.

The jam in the wagon began when I plopped Miss Muffet in the wagon and suddenly it was the place to be.

The funniest line of the day was when Grandgirlie asked Grandpa to tell her a story about when he was a little boy and there were dinosaurs. 
She was serious.

all for now. .


  1. Hee hee hee...I'm sure he loved that! My dad always teases that he's "older than dirt!"

    Sounds like you had a lovely day!


  2. Did you dig out the family photos of wee Terry playing with his pet T Rex? No?

  3. Those grandpa's keep those little ones laughing! Love the fun you are having with the kids....they will never forget these times.

  4. We have the same wagon and went from pulling one tucked into the bottom, to one on the seat, then another on the bottom and now two on seats. 'Run Nana' is what they call as we head up hill!
    The photo is dear - four little birds waiting for that strawberry in your husband's hand.

  5. Ha...when there were dinosaurs. Love it. Boy your garden looks lush!

  6. Love you strawberry jam tale...with dinosaurs and all!

    It looks like someone tended the garden in your absence. It looks fabulous!

  7. this made me laugh - out loud! what a hoot!

  8. Quite honestly, your husband looks good for being around when the dinosaurs were. That has me still sitting here smiling:)

  9. Hahahahaha...that's so funny!


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