squirting soap

A nice blogger would have answered your curiosity yesterday but the day got away on me and before I knew it.  ..
I forgot I even asked you to guess. .
and then. .
it seemed pointless to answer the question after everyone lost interest.

Will you look at them?

Not one pest but two!

Aphids and teensy white flies.

He called out.  .."pestilence". ..when I enquired.

This photo?

Closer yet. . .
in case you didn't believe how bad it was.

Those leaves are going to be on the ground long before Autumn comes knocking on the hack door.

The only satisfaction we have. . 
is many of them will not enjoy the fall colors.

In the meantime. .
I'm keeping a vigilant eye on my roses!

Squirt bottle in hand.

all for now .. 


  1. Your macro skills have improved!
    Your photos for seeing first thing in the morning selection skills need work!
    Isn't it just weird how bug can come out of no where and set up shop like that?

  2. Stand guard all day......your lovely rose garden is no place for those pesky little bugs.

  3. That is so sad..the fall colors are so pretty. But if you get those bugs taken care of..that's what matters. And I really hope you save those roses!

  4. Aha! I have been squirting soap on my rose bushes...but unfortunately the critters got away with too much before I started.


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