on the book tour

Last summer when the Mennonite Girls Can Cook met for our book contract signing party .. .
we had no expectations of what the year ahead would look like.
We have enjoyed each moment and are overwhelmed by the kindness of our readers.  .
family and friends.

It would be the most fun. .
if all ten of us would be touring on a bus together . . .stopping at one bookstore after another.
It just isn't quite the same if one or. . .eight of us is missing. ..(like Julie in this photo who was not able to take the boat across Harrison Lake.)

As it turns out. . .
I'll be travelling with Anneliese. .
and if you live in the Waterloo, Ontario  Harrisonburg, Virginia or Lancaster Pennsylvania area .. .
we might just be passing by and stopping at a bookstore. .
in your neck of the woods.

We'll be posting along the way. ..
because having you a part of our journey ..
makes all the difference!

This morning ..
our flight leaves Vancouver airport . .
at 8 AM...

next stop ..
Toronto, Canada

All for now . .


  1. Oh wow! How cool is that? Way down as far as Lancaster County? I'll be sure to let some folks to watch for you.

  2. I was looking for dates, times, places on MGCC in the press info. Is there a handy place that we can be directed to find such info or are you releasing the info as you go along? This may be a case of asking for help when it's right in front of me. Old eyes!

  3. Please let us know when you are in PA. I live west 3 hours from Lancaster but I would be trying really hard to be there if I know when and where! whew-hoo!

  4. Wishing you two a wonderful trip...and wondering what it would have been like to do it with all ten of us! So glad you plan to give updates along the way.

  5. How VERY exciting - Godspeed, you two!

  6. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

  7. How exciting! May you have safe travels and wonderful experiences.

  8. We'll be cheering you on as your represent MGCC. We wish you blessings of safety and health.

  9. Well I wish I did live in one of those areas so I could drop by and meet you!
    Traveling mercies to you all!


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