new york

Have you ever thought you were so close to a city .. .
you just had to pop in?

Coming from Canada..
we feel that four hours driving is not out of our way.
We were.  ..and so we set our GPS . .
and drove into New York on a very rainy day.

One thing about a GPS. .
if you ommit the E before the 51st. . .it will not take you to E 51st Street.
Upon entering the city ..
we found ourselves close to a large santitation department in an area where we didn't want to stay ..
we think somewhere under the Brooklyn bridge.

If you are looking for cheap cheaper accomodation ..
you might want to consider staying in a Pod.

It felt quite homey ..
not unlike  a cruise cabin . .
or travel trailer.

As long as you have a map ..
you will never truly be lost.
As long as you have locals hurrying about. .
you can always ask.

As long as there are NYPD riding their bikes. .
you can be rest assured ..
there will be no feet standing on ledges tiny signs say they shouldn't.
and. .
you will feel quite safe.

With limited time. .
it made sense to take a harbour cruise. .
and see the area from a distance.
Some pictures. .
require no explanation. .
and. .
speak for themselves.

all for now. .


  1. I seriously thought for two seconds and a half that I was at Pat's Mille Fiori Favoriti. ☺ I'm so glad that you decided to visit NYC. It's wonderful how you two seize your opportunities.

  2. Wow - looks like you two are having a great trip. New York City is really amazing!

  3. Exciting!! I was cracking up at the pic with you and Anneliese and the NYPD! Have fun!

  4. And so I have to ask....did you get a picture of two Canadians standing on the tiny ledge?:) I can only imagine!!!
    Like two little peas in a pod I'm sure you were cozy and may have been reasonably priced....but the experience was probably worth much more. Fun!
    Hard to believe you are there...and I am here! So happy for you!

  5. Glad the weather clear for you all to look around. So much to see in a short time,and seeing what you can in shorts seems most wise, although a glam tour in evening gowns, tuxedos via limosine service would be just grand.

    Wonder if Elmer could be pressed into limo driving service again...

  6. I'm so glad you drove those few extra hours to have a wee tour of NYC. I'm smiling about the 'feet on the little ledge'...I can picture it without the photo! And Terry was saying, 'You shouldn't be up there'...even before the NYPD arrived.

    Enjoy the day!

  7. How FUN!!!
    Love the pod idea. Who needs a big hotel room when one goes to NYC anyhow. Everything fun to do is outside!

  8. love the photo of you with New York's finest! Cute!

  9. What a great time you're having - and we're having a great time because you're sharing!

  10. Beautiful!
    I love the photo with the policemen. Smile.

    So...that is what a POD looks like.

  11. I'm so glad you made it here Lovella! The bridge you showed was the Manhattan I'm also glad you had nice weather as it has been raining almost all weekend.

    Your "POD" room looked clean and comfortable and I was happy to learn about this new hotel as I never heard of it before!


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