new york post cards

I have more pictures of the last two weeks than days left of my blogging career..
so we'll just have to collage some of them up.

We ran in and out of stores. . .
and I was sorely disappointed we did not have just one day to poke around the shops to see the beautiful and creative displays and buy some really sweet treats for our kids.
I love people watching and after having been on the other end of that exercise for the previous days ..
it was a treat to admire . .
the clothing ..
the exuberance ..
the romance. .
the truly new york experience.

all for now ..


  1. I'm here first this morning? I must be missing you!

  2. Your collages really communicate the NYC vibe!

  3. your postcards captured it well...

  4. Your postcards from NYC remind me that there are still many places I would like to see one day.

  5. You'll need to spend more time on your next book is fun to snoop around in all those shops but people watching is something else..

  6. so close to home, and yet we so seldom get to ny city. your photos make me want to go soon..auntie sharon


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