Kielke. ..because he's batching

See how happy he is?
If you have the book ..
you'll know why.

Today I'm heading to Winnipeg, Manitoba to attend  a few author signings at Ten Thousand Villages.

When I looked in the garden yesterday . .
I "saw" a pot full of Green Bean Stew. ..
so I whipped him up a batch of that to tie him over until I return.

I want my beloved to miss me ..
but not so much that he forgets why he wants me  to come home.

I can't wait to see my Winnipeg girlfriends. .
and meeting some of you at the author signings is just icing on the cake.

all for now.  .


  1. Have fun doing yet another book signing!!

  2. Have fun! Looks like your beloved will be eating well while you are gone!

  3. There is nothing as satisfying as making a husband's favorite meal!

    Safe travesl to Winnipeg!

  4. Have a great trip!

    You have left him prepared to survive without you!


  5. Oh you do take good care of him. I'm sure that he misses you the moment you walk out the door.


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