Arriving home way too late to do a proper post...
we will start proper reports of the book tour tomorrow.

The pictures are downloaded onto the computer. .
and these were the last two of them all.

What an adventure it was.
I'll tell you more in the days to come.

We were so thankful for God's protection all along the way.
Each days travels began and ended with thankfulness.

all for now. .


  1. I consider it a great privilege to have met the four of you. I think of it as an unexpected blessing from God. I felt like I was meeting with some dear "old" friends, even though we had never met before. I am thankful that you are home safe and sound, and look forward to your continued blogging.

  2. So glad you made it home safe and sound! It was such a pleasure to meet you.

  3. So glad to know that you are all safely home. I imagine that it was wonderful sleeping in your own beds last night! Take care now...the mountain of laundry will dwindle to nothing soon enough.

    And I loved meeting you as well! ;>
    Well, I know that I would've loved meeting you.

  4. Home sweet home....nothing like it! Welcome back!

  5. How fast did the grands get rounded up for hugs and kisses? How fast did Terry find something needing mowing or trimming?
    It is so good to return home after time away...

  6. So glad to have you safely back home again...after a whirlwind of travels as 'cookbook ambassadors.!

  7. I'm also thankful you've arrived home safely from your many miles of travel. Meeting you and becoming the proud owner of a MGCC cookbook were special delights. You can be sure I'll be checking your blog as you share the experiences.

  8. I totally agree with Just a Little Something... It was such a pleasure meeting you both!!! I too felt like I was meeting dear old friends. Thanks for the way you took time to chat with each one that came to the book signing table.
    So happy to hear that you arrived home safely. Trips are wonderful but also hard work and tiring!
    God Bless you both for sharing with so many.

  9. It was great meeting you in person at Berean Bookstore. I love the cookbook!

    You took some beautiful pictures of Lancaster County.
    Blessing as you return the routine of "life"


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