Yesterday. .
we arrived mid afternoon in Harrisonburg.

We found our hotel .. .
and signed in. .
and found the most welcoming basket of local fruits and yummy home baked cookies ..
we'd ever seen.

Later in the afternoon ..
we sat on the bench in front of the hotel ..
and waited for Kathy to come.

Who is Kathy?
For that part of the story .. .
you will need to visit Anneliese..  .here.

We went for dinner together. .
having the most relaxed visit.
I so enjoyed seeing Anneliese and Kathy together.
After dinner. .
we walked a few doors down and saw the local Ten Thousand Village store. . .
...took note of the sign ..
and went back to our hotel to wait for Friday.

This morning ..
we will go to Herald Press and meet the folks who published the book.

all for now . .


  1. A most excellent adventure. I sort of do wish that frosting had been drizzled on a certain guy's sleeve, but that just reveals my bias. You're getting so much closer to where I want you to be...

  2. Enjoying your journey diary!

  3. I'm loving your daily accounts. You're enjoying the journey - that is evident and you have all these extras that are adding to your pleasure. How nice to meet a blogging friend and to be welcomed to a new place in such wonderful ways.

  4. Like Vee said...'a most excellent adventure'! Enjoy your day meeting the publisher...signing books...and meeting all the fine folk of Virgina.

  5. What a joy to meet you, Lovella!! I'm so glad to have this opportunity to get to know you. Looking forward to more time together today!

  6. I'm in the midst of wedding planning (180+ here a week from tomorrow!!) but I had to drop in to read about you and Anneliese on the MGCCookbook adventures!! What fun! Keeping you in my prayers. xo

  7. I've enjoyed catching up...with your recent blogs. Looks like you are having a whirlwind of a time sharing the wonderful news about a book filled with many treasures.
    I loved the CTV interview...natural, and well represented. I loved watching him get his hands right into the flour...
    Keep enjoying your time and may you find just enough rest.

  8. It looks like this day was filled with gifts ! Meeting Kathy, a girls lunch out, dinner at her place, peeking in the window of Ten Thousand villages, sweet gift boxes...because you are loved. So glad your tour is going so well and you are having such a great time!


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