Grandgirlie. ..summer 2011

Grandgirlie and Little Miss Muffet came over yesterday for a Grammie Day.
Misis Muffet went home after she had her lunch but Grandgirlie stayed on for the afternoon . .
with nothing pressing her attention at home.

When grands arrive early in the day before it is necessary to be dressed in street clothes. .
I dress them in their farm clothes.
Clean clothes that arrived in the backpack. .
go home clean in the backpack. .
and this Grammie doesn't worry a speck about them rolling around in the grass.

One of these days I'll do proper picture in in the carefully considered outfits of the day.

Seeing the garden through the eyes of a three year old ..
is simply priceless.

Why can't we pick the pumpkin now? It's big! 
Why don't we pull out all the carrots now? It's fun!

Grandgirlie has kept her eye on the blackberry patch at the back of the property all winter.  .
all spring. .
and finally she can pop those sweet dark berries into her mouth.

She suggested the pie. .
and participated in every step.

It might not be the prettiest pie I've ever made. .
but I've never had more help ..
or been more entertained during the process.

See her little bracelet?
I selected it from Kathy's beautiful little etsy shop.
Grandgirlie loved all the sweet little beads ..
and when Mommy came in the door. .
she ran to show her even after wearing it all day.

The hardest part of the whole day ..
was waiting for dessert!

Did I mention I missed my grand babies?

It's good to be home!

all for now. .


  1. Such sweet French braids and a willing heart to help, too. That pie looks mighty scrumptious to me!

  2. ahhh! So adorable! You are making the most wonderful memories for your grands!

  3. Yay, so glad that the bracelet fits Grandgirlie! One of the best satisfactions of making jewelry is seeing the satisfaction of someone wearing it. Even better when it's a little someone! ;-) You are such a fun Grandma!

  4. What a sweet day!

    She sounds adorable...wonderful braids....


  5. Blackberries, bracelets and braids...grandgirlie's day on the farm! Cute post.

  6. Such a fun day you had....coming to grammies is always a fun treat. French many times I did that on my own girls. Cute little beads!

  7. Love this post . . . the joy of eating a fresh carrot while lying on the grass . . . to the fancy bracelet and french braids. Sweet and simple.

  8. I loved that post...My grands walk in and immediately change...they always mention that Oma doesn't mind what the do in those clothes. It's fun isn't it? I've been seen lots of mine as it's summer and what better time than to play.

  9. I am sure they could not wait until you got home to have this special time with you. You sure do create some wonderful memories for them.

  10. yum, yum! That blackberry pie looks so good. I miss blackberries so much. One of these days I am going to find a patch somewhere!!! Hope you are having fun on the book signing this week! My sister and I are gearing up for her trunk show tonight. Got to have three cakes made for it!


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