eating bananas

How many blog posts do you expect I can work out of the Sunday grand day?

I'm pretty sure that I don't have even one picture of our sons eating bananas.
It's okay though ...since I have a good assortment of their offspring peeling and eating bananas.

I wanted them to eat their bananas outside before going back in the barn to see Grandpa.

Technically. . 
they were outside the barn.

As I watched them peel their bananas. .
I thought about my cousin Grace. .
who loves bananas.

There is a pretty good chance there are some pictures of her peeling and eating bananas.

Are you still reading this?


I have more pictures of this banana post than I have story.

I'm noticing now. .
in this picture he still has the banana in his right hand.

I'm guessing he was just telling Grandpa not to worry. . 
he'd be in the barn soon. .
very soon.

For those of you who are asking and emailing me about the Winnipeg/Steinbach 
 Book Signings. .

August 24 ~ Winnipeg Ten Thousand Villages Plaza Drive ~ Charlotte, Betty and Anneliese  12-2
 Ten Thousand Villages ~ Henderson Highway ~ Charlotte, Betty, Anneliese, Kathy and Lovella  4-6
August 25 Steinbach Ten Thousand Villages ~ Charlotte, Betty, Anneliese, Kathy Lovella ~ 3-5

Hope to see you there!

all for now . .


  1. Wonderful to see you gals still busy with book signings. It means good things even when you may be weary of it all. May the Lord Himself grant you the strength and rest you need for everything you do.

    I loved the banana story and read it right through to the end. They both look like banana lovers and know how to peel them with the right amount of attention to detail.

  2. Laughing out loud. *snork* hee here...

    Actually I do have pictures of my first born peeling a banana while wearing a darling pink dress and her Daddy's dress shoes.
    A one of a kind moment in her life, age year and a half.
    God speed on the upcoming travels.

  3. I'm packing bananas for our camping trip with the grands...looks like that is good for hours of entertainment!

    Have a fun time in MB...signing books and spending time with friends out there!

  4. You know it's been ages since I've had a banana. Maybe a banana split would be good. Great shots of peeling expertise!!

  5. Grandbaby just spent her first weekend here and I have so many pictures! This banana post is hilarious.

  6. lol.... honored to be mentioned in your blog today. To this day I still prefer bananas over all other food. Sad thing is, on the diet I am on right now I am NOT allowed my favorite food. I drool as I hurry by the banana section in the store! If I get one for my grandaughter I take a deep sniff of it for each bite she takes.. Yes, I know (how pathetic)

    Have a wonderful time continuing with the adventure your life is taking you on Lovella.

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  8. I had to read this one when I saw it on the side bar of my favourite blog MGCC. Our second born son always insisted on a 'monkey banana' when he was a wee lad. We got it wrong initially until we figured out what he meant. No cut up banana chunks for him, he wanted it peeled back a bit just like in the storybooks. He'd hum away, eating and peeling back his monkey banana. Nice to be reminded of this.
    (deleted and reposted - grammatical error :) )

  9. It doesnt' matter how many photos you chose...we love them all and we know that you do too...because it's your right as a Grandmother to do whatever makes you happy.
    Don't forget to tuck a banana for all your friends on your West Jet flight and send us photos...
    Have a wonderful time.

  10. I'm catching up Lovella! I am in the middle of wedding plans for my daughter's spring wedding. So much to do to get everything booked...things book quickly here in NY.

    Your grand photos are adorable..this and the one prior.

    I loved the beautiful wheat bread loafs you made in the post before that..there is nothing as good as home made bread!

    Best wishes on all the book signings!


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