CTV noon news

Cooking Butter Soup at CTV was a breeze ..
after the fact.
Five minutes can go very slow or very fast...
and those five minutes flew.

If you want to see the link ..
click here on the CTV website. . .

After it was over ..
the crew rolled our "kitchen" back into the waiting area.. .
and Kathy Shantz. .and the rest of the crew. ..
ate soup.
We stuck around until the pot was empty. .
and then we gathered our things and bid them all farewell. . .

...where we took our parting shot.

We set our GPS to Harrisonburg ..
and  followed her lead.

We stopped for the night near Pittsburgh. ..
and booked into the Comfort Inn there..
and before we headed for bed...
we took a look to be sure they have a waffle maker on the complimentary kitchen counter.
They do ..
woo hoo.

Harrisonburg Virginia. . .
here we come!


  1. I thought your video turned out very nice! Enjoy your trip to Virginia - it's a beautiful area!

  2. Glad they liked the soup! You two did great, and I'll bet your menfolk were bursting with pride. Hope the US traffic is a breeze, and you enjoy the views.

  3. sounds really good...would love to see it but just can't find anything on the link! Help? Thanks from M from Manitoba! I check out your blog very regularly and am so proud of you girls bringing much of our history alive again (I'm a Mennonite history buff).

  4. That was so much fun to watch! You're doing great - have fun at your next stop.

  5. They seem to have loved the soup...that's always good. I'll be back to follow the link at a better time. I'm so silly excited about this trip and only wish that I were closer.

  6. You did a great job! Too bad about the rain - hopefully it disappears and the sun comes out again. Praying for you all.

  7. Very cool. Quite a memory for you both. Too bad I missed it.

  8. great post ! sounds really good ..


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