the clotheslines

The beauty of Lancaster County can hardly be captured adequately by my camera.
I felt peaceful as we drove around looking at all the beautifully kept farms.

It seemed to me that the Amish people keep their farms tidy not only for their own enjoyment but for the community at large.
I hope they realize how much the overall effect is appreciated by passers by.

It fascinated me ..
watching them work in their gardens ...
working hard and yet clearly content to do a job well.

I guess my mom was not the only one that hung her laundry out on a Monday.
I clearly remember coming home from school on Mondays as a young girl  ..
and having a simple supper because she had been busy with her wringer washer and clothesline.
 I would have loved to know what all the homemakers in Lancaster were serving their families on Monday wash day.

I could have quite enjoyed taking a closer look at the laundry hanging skills.
I noticed that some things must be hung inside ..
The horses were beautiful.
The buggies were so perfectly crafted.
The adults and children who we caught glimpses of  ..
I could have quite easily rested on my tummy for the afternoon. .
just watching life roll by.
I could have moved into any number of farms. .
in a flash.
Sadly ...I could not move there in a flash on account of the fact that I am missing everyone in my life. .
under four. . .
and over 25 ish.
Back to the laundry. .
Can you imagine wearing everything dried on the line?
I consider it a treat when we dry our bed linens outside.

I also noticed that most of the laundry was hung early in the morning ..
and just left to hang for the day..  .
until someone had time to pull it all in.

I wondered if Tuesday was ironing day.

I thought about all this as my suitcase. .
is accumulating more soiled than clean.

I just might have a long line of my own very soon.

all for now . .


  1. Beautiful pics, Lovella! Glad you enjoyed the Lancaster County scenery!

  2. Lancaster County is absolutely beautiful and you have captured the scenes well. To be there on a wash day is delightful because there is such country goodness in seeing a line of drying clothes. I'd like to move into one of those farmhouses, too, until I realize that it takes a lot of energy to keep one of those places up and running without benefit of electricity and modern amenities. It's an incredible way of life. You must be wending your way homeward as the pull is strong.

  3. What a glorious country side to drive through. The people of Lancaster obviously take great care and pride in all they do. A very peaceful way of life. You have me longing for a road trip.

  4. Thanks for the tour...of a most beautiful place. Laundry hanging on a washline makes for a lovely do the immaculately kept farms!

  5. Ahh...makes me want to visit this fair part of our country. Gorgeous shots. I'm glad you were driving through on wash day!!

  6. Super photos!! Thanks for sharing. Remembered our own drive through the countryside years ago - nothing much has changed!

  7. So nostalgic of my childhood... I think the world would have come to an end if Monday ceased to be washday for my Mom...
    Farms always give me a peaceful feeling and I enjoy their beauty. Your photos are lovely ! I'm glad you drove through on a Monday! smile...

  8. You are in the land of my husband's youth --- I know you are enjoying yourself! It's so pretty there. Be sure to have some sho-fly pie!

  9. Home sick?
    Wonder if the unmentionables get dried inside the house or ?
    I know modest folks used to put those items in between lines. Those Amish only have a single line. Hmmm.

  10. There is something special about the ambiance of the Amish...maybe we all want to capture a bit of that time. Our use of technology has headed all of us in another fast paced world...trying to work faster and being more efficient and trying to accomplish much more than possible.

    Please take me with you back to Lancaster. I think my train could stop their for awhile....I hear you.

  11. Am in the middle of TONS of company so have only caught up on two posts but it looks as though I'm reading my own blog when I was reading this post!! (since we just visited our Amish friends). Such beautiful photos you took!!! I also meant to tell you, in connection with our Mennonite Museum visit, that I remembered I'd spent a year and a half in a Mennonite church when young. In fact, that is where I was baptized! Also, the pastor of that church took our family to Lancaster County one spring to go to a conference and we stayed with a Mennonite family (who lived on a chicken farm and we got a tour!) and of course they cooked the MOST amazing food!!!! I didn't realize how big your book tour was going to be! very fun!

  12. Thanks for this lovely post. Years ago we lived in Chester County PA, not far from Lancaster Cty, where I did all my grocery shopping in the market at Blue Ball.

  13. i still hang my wash out.. and yes,tues. is or was ironing my other lifetime ..before grands. you did a wonderful job of capturing our "amish" country. again so fun to have met you. auntie sharon

  14. I love Lancaster County! I haven't been there is quite a awhile but we sued to drive out there often when my children were young as it gave our city children a beautiful view of country life.

  15. Lovella,

    I have seen the laundry hang on the line in freezing weather too. Some of the Amish families hang smaller personal things on porches - so I wonder if some of those items were hanging near a back door. Laundry is done early - then on to other things!

    Glad you had such a wonderful visit. Next time we will make sure you get to Sight and Sound theaters - Jonah is the planned production for next year! Becky's husband Warren works there and my two girls do,too.



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