Broadway . .Empire ..and a few last looks about


We hadn't purchased tickets ahead of time to see a Broadway play ..
but when we were walking down Broadway on the evening we arrived. .
the sign that we've seen so many times shone brightly and we approached the ticket counter to see what was available and to see how dear it would be.

The ticketmaster must have been in a cheery disposition and gave us second level seats for the same price as the third level and so we saw the Broadway play on the second night we were there.

Why oh why can a person not take pictures inside the theatre?
"after the show is over. .you can take pictures of the lobby".
Okay here is the picture of the lobby ..
after the show.
We were so pleased with our decision to head straight away to the harbour cruise in the morning and walked right onto the boat while the rest of the passengers waited for us to arrive with our ticket  seller who's job it is to accompany us to the boat.

After that we did our wandering around the Ground Zero site .. .
and then we caught up to the crowds at the Empire State building.

A three hour event. ..from the beginning of the line up . .
back and forth ..
back and forth.  .
back and forth until we finally made it to the elevator.

Expecting to see the top of the world upon exiting the elevator. . .
we were instructed to take one last elevator for the last six stories.

That led us to yet another room. .
and back and forth.
and back and forth some more.

When we were nearly to the last elevator entrance. .
we were told that the stairs could have been used if we wouldn't mind walking the six stories.
The large crowd behind us made a rush for the stairs and we all met. .
around a million people. .
at the top of the world.

I'm glad we went. .
but I won't go again.
You get the drift.

I really wanted to go inside the largest Macy's store.
When you have one afternoon to see all the stores that are so famous. .
entering Macy's and seeing an entire floor dedicated to handbags. .
was just a tad overwhelming.

We went to the Starbucks overlooking the handbags. .
looked at them all from a safe distance and left without really looking around.

New York  ..New York. .
thanks for the smiles ..
and the entertainment. .

and reminding me of the reason I love being a country girl.

all for now.  .


  1. When I go to NYC I won't need to go up the Empire State building, as I have seen the view from your beautiful photos! What a lovely day you had for viewing!


  2. Fun another world!

    I'm wondering about the 'umbrella dress'...was that to keep the feet dry?

  3. Oh...what an experience, but way too short a time to really take it in. It was really fun to see the sights you shared....and that skirt....are you going to try to recreate it? only in New York! Wonder how she would have done in the elevator and climbing all those stairs. People may have asked her to put down her umbrella to make room. Such fun you had!

  4. I've been in that same room and shuffled back and forth...oh my, you said it well. I see some interesting fashions, but then I notice two country girls...they are the best...
    I'm just wondering now what you packed home in your suitcases...for the next fashion show.

  5. I did the shuffling, too. I'm happy to say I never have to do it again. Love your shots and how fun that you took the time to go to a Broadway show...

  6. What a great time you two had - a Broadway show too! did the town!

  7. Have just enjoyed reading all about your trip! (catching up on blogs after a long stint of company) What an amazing time you've had! So many things you've seen. I'm going to NYC in September to visit a friend so I'm looking forward to seeing some of the same things you did. Do you really not have fireflies in Canada? They are one of my favorite things.

    Also wanted to make sure you saw the photo I took of the book at the Mennonite Museum -- I was happy to discover it there!!!

  8. Oh yes, I get the distinct sense that you're a country girl through and through. I am no longer sure that I could visit NYC though I have a standing invitation now that my sister lives near. I went as a teen and that may be it. I'll just enjoy your experience and call it good.

  9. New York City would do well to have you create their next brochure. You sure did a good job in capturing the feeling of the city.


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