Book Tour. .the Falls and Kathy ..our fantastic . .book shipper

First thing in the morning ..
after coffee and muffins. .
we headed to the mall. .
just to see if malls are the same here. .
as there.
With our curiosity satisfied ...

...we headed to see the Niagara Falls.
The last time I was here was during a cold spell ..


Yesterday ..
the cool mist was a welcome treat . .
on a very warm summer day.


The last time I was there. .
we had the falls to ourselves ..
and yesterday. .
we shared with all the tourists ..
fighting for a spot to get a good shot.
Mid afternoon ..
we started to head back to Waterloo Kitchener.

For those of you who have spoken to Kathy on the phone to order a book from the Canadian warehouse. .
I can tell you she is as warm and kind as she seems on the phone.
We enjoyed the most wonderful meal and chatted the evening away.

We snooped around in her kitchen before we left.  .
because this morning we'll be invading her home once more ..
to do our prepping for  today's CTV Southern Ontario Noon News Show.

I'm really hoping I have a good noodle day. . .
really hoping.

This journey we are on. .
is such a privilege.  The blessings go far beyond anything we ever imagined.
Friendships. . .and the ripple effect that others are being helped ..
is a dream come true.

Thank you Lord for giving us this day. . .
We thank you for the bread you are giving us for today.
May all that we do on this day .. .be for your kingdom.
May we above all else. .
honor your name.

All for now . ..


  1. You'll have a great noodle day! The way you cooks talk cracks me up. (The rest of us are worried about our hair.)

    Fun pictures, my compliments to the photographer!

  2. What surprised me most about Niagara Falls were the crowds of people...those don't usually show up on the photos! And the falls themselves are so much more amazing in reality than they are on a picture. Glad you got to see them while you were in the area!

    Happy noodle day to you! Praying along with you.

  3. You must be appearing on TV as I am writing this. My prayers are with you both. You'll do a great job I know.

  4. What a perfect day you had, Niagara Falls, meeting Kathy, enjoying a dinner in her beautiful home and getting things ready for today.....sharing a kitchen with how fun is that! Enjoy today.....I'll be praying for you as I go about my day.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful !! and it looks like your are having the experiences to match !!
    Blessings on each of your appointments!!


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