blogging friends at the Berean

We pulled into the parking lot  for the Berean Christian bookstore at quarter to seven.
We spotted a few other cars . .
and we smiled. 
If I have said it once. .
I've said it hundreds of times ..
"this journey would not be the same without our blog friends who have made publishing a book possible.

Only bloggers would have an appreciation for this picture.
Remember the story about the lady who named the blog ..
which is now the name of the book?

That's her in the photo.
She lives too far away to attend a signing.  .
but she made sure that other blog friends who did live in the vacinty. .
would come.

Vee. . .you were there last night with us.
It was such a delight to meet some new friends!!

Next  ..
came these two beautiful girls who share the same names ..
one named after the other.
Seeing your friendship is a memory I'll treasure.

And then. .
came dear Judy.
Judy and I have been enjoying each others blogs for sometime now.
She brought with her . .
her aunt...and sister in law.
Far more than related ...they were clearly bound by the cords of love.

She was just as I expected ...sweet and kind and ever so gracious.
We easily could have talked the evening away.
Thank you so much for taking time to travel to our book signing.
It meant so much to both Anneliese and I.

With the last of the books sold...
we bid the kind staff a good evening and found the Macaroni Grill across the street and enjoyed some very yummy pasta.

We've appreciated every opportunity to meet friends from the East Coast and will always be grateful for every book sold. .
knowing that yet another child will be helped.

We continue to believe that God is in the details.
Everyday ..we lay it all before the Lord and know that as doors open. .
he has gone before and unlocked them all.

The next few days . ..
we are travelling for sheer pleasure.

all for now . .



  1. You ladies radiate the love of Jesus. Thank you, so much, for all you are doing to help the children who are in need.

    It was a very real blessing to meet you last evening. Thanks for helping us share the joy with our mutual friend, Vee.

    Enjoy the rest of your time touring.
    Praying for you as you travel.


  2. Awww, ladies, you have earned your traveling for pleasure. So glad that I was there! (Was that Becky's idea? What a character she is.) Thanks so much for the fun. Traveling mercies and much fun!

  3. How meet all the bloggy friends...and to have Vee show up as well!

  4. It was delightful to meet you last night!

    I hope you have fun in the big city! You must let us know about The Pod!

    I am so happy you sold out all of your books last night!


  5. This is just awesome...stopping by from Vee...congratulations to all. You are also in good company...behind you is Tim Tebow and Colt...two of my favorite Christian Football players.

    I will check out the awesome..what an awesome God we serve.

  6. Meeting dear old friends for the very first time: it does happen with blogging and a bit of travel.

    New York, New will we kept them down on the farm after they have seen New York City???
    (My guess: it won't be hard...when the farm is in beautiful BC.)

  7. Loved seeing you two beautiful friends of mine enjoying time face to face with some of your blogging friends....what a treat! How fun to see Vee's smiling face!

  8. It looks like you are having a wonderful time!! But I must correct you Lovella - you were not on the east coast - not yet! Because when you actually are on the east coast, I'll be the first in line to have my book signed :)

    PS Hazelnut Roll turned out perfectly!

  9. How fun and what a great adventure God has put you in Lovella!

    Enjoy the ride! I am amazed that you have your very own cookbook...yeah God!

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  10. I love that you brought Vee along =) So great to see all your the glory of God! You are such a wonderful bunch of gals!


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